Calling all UNISA Students studying PGCE

Hi ,

I  am  currently  doing  my  PGCE through UNISA and would like to get an additional exam centre set up in Dammam. In order to do this I would need to collect data on the number of students enrolled in the PGCE, for UNISA. Please inbox me if you  are  living in Saudi and doing your PGCE.My e-mail addy is khan.saliem[at]
Please include your full name, location in the Kingdom and possibly your student number. I  am drawing up a petition list so we have the option of  living,working and studying while in Dammam.

Thanks in advance.

hi im all for a centre in dammam!we are alot in dammam,please prceed with a exam centre here,it would be so convenient.

hi we study different subjects,so i hope this centre will benefit us all studying through unisa....

I'm currently studying my BEd Degree, and I'm moving to Dammam in three weeks time. It will be a great way if you can set up an exam centre there so that all the UNISA students don't have to travel out of Dammam to write exams.

It will also be great if you can have the relevant Degree material available there.

Hope it will be done soon....

Hey there. Was this ever resolved? Is there a possibility of writing the Unisa exams in Dammam or close by? Thanks!

Any feedback on this post? UNISA examination centre in the East?

Good day

Any feedback on this post? UNISA examination centre in Dammam?

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