Kanga and Kitenge Supplier in Tanzania

    I will be visiting Dar Es Salaam from Zimbabwe in July to shop for Kangas and Kitenges.  I am looking for a whole sale supplier who has 100% cotton, colorful and high quality products.  We hope to build a long term relationship.  Can anyone recommend someone?  Any advise will be greatly appreciated.



Try Al hutaib emporium
Rems near clock tower
Opp hotel durban

Try Nida Textiles along Nelson Mandela Road

METL Group has manufacturing units, their HO is in Dar. Check with them they are well reputed in Tanzania.

I was in Moshi and Arusha last year in September. I bought several kitenges in Moshi. When I returned to Netherlands in October last year, I showed the kitenge I bought to one of my biggest clients. They liked them and they asked me if they could buy from me. Then, I showed them also to my other clients and the interest was over whelming. That's why I am now searching for a supplier to buy and sell.

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Can you email me photos and prices of kitenge and their respective measures

Yes, just send me your email..or if you are in whatsup send me your number so that I can contact you


my name is stephen barinda from Uganda and i would like to deal in kanga and kitenge business here in Uganda. my email is *** you could send me details  on how you can supply me with them, the prices for whole etc.
Thank u

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Send me also the Photos, pricing,  size Vitenge, kangas and vikoi

hi, I can help you

Hi, Im from moshi and my mother deal with it in Moshi, and im very interested with this topic and i can manage to supply to you. If your refy lets do together my emai is ***

im waiting you feedback



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I need your help please

send me details  on how you can supply me with Kangas and Kitenges, the prices for whole etc.

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