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Dear all

Wablieft is a Belgian weekly newspaper in simple Dutch. For our summer edition I am looking for people who moved to Belgium from all over the world. The title is from A to Z, so I try to find someone from countries starting with the letters of the alphabet. So far I haven't found: e,l,o,q,u,v,w,x,y.
Are you from a country starting with one of these letters (the Dutch name for the country!), and would you like to answer a few short questions, send me an e-mail: winke.brits[at]
Thankx and have a great weekend!

Kind regards

Yes England

Anyway tried emailing you but well didnt get anywere with it it wont send

Thanks for the quick response...
Sorry to say I already interviewed someone for Great Brittain, so it would seem rather odd to add England to the list, wouldn't it?

Oh well  just thought as of its Engeland in dutch or Verenigd koningrijk but glad u have someone

Or you could interview someone else from Greece and use someone from England and Wales

u could also do that and find someone from ireland to seems they are all very different

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