Hi all,

I want to move and live in Reunion island as quickly as possible.  I have been working more than 3 years in customer service field/receptionist but will not mind working in any other field. Is it really difficult to find a job over there?

Please advise..


Welcome aboard Anu10 and good luck with your quest to move and live in Reunion island..

J :)

Hello Anu10.

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So as to make it more visible, your post has been moved to the Reunion Island forum.

The Jobs in the Reunion Island is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to post an advert there.


@Leckraz -> Maybe you can share your infos on the forum. It could help other members as well.

Good luck,

welcome aboard :)

finding a job is not easy in reunion island, there are lots of unemployed peoples here ...

It is true, really, however some people find a job very quickly..but they work In restaurants
Hope you 'll find a job Because life is nice here..

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