planning to setup a new company in cotonou


My name is kannan from chennai,India.I m the Managing Director of a trading company selling Rice,Corn,Wheat and Soya bean meal to south east asian countries and we have branches in Singapore and Hochi Minh city,vietnam.

Now we r planning to setup a company in Cotonou,Benin. we required a right consultant to setup a company in cotonou.anyone can help us to identify a good consultant????.Iks

Dear Kannan,

I can help you to set up your business in COTONOU for your food grain business. Those food grain you are dealing are the continuous need of the local population and has good prospect. I have my Banker friends living in COTONOU can make him involved to set up your business. I am in fact a Biomedical Engineering consultant want to start my business in COTONOU as well. But I have interest in Agricultural products and food grain as well. because these are the continuous need of the people. From India you can export BASMATI rice to COTONOU, that we are interested to import in COTONOU. kindly contact me. Thanks.

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Dear sir,

Thanks for your reply. i have mailed you..pls check

Dear Ethiraj Kannan,

I sent an email to you yesterday after I received message from my banker friend in COTONOU and the cost of business set up has been
informed in the message.


SAEED MOHAMMAD ALI     22 June 2013
[email protected]

hello i'm charly consultant in law busness in BENIN if you have not ain setup your company i'm available to to work whith you.
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Hello to you all.

Think that the Business partners classifieds in Cotonou section might help. You just have to post an advert there, if you are still looking for a business partner. 


Karen :)

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@ethirajkannan  please I'm interested but I am Nigeria now my phone number *** that is my WhatsApp number

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