Complaint at Ministry of Labour.

Yes I need legal assistance.

Sir i just want to ask some advice..
right now i have filed a case against my employer for not giving a ESB and vacation pay
and the case is on labor court dammam
right now we are still waiting.
the case started august 2018 nothing is settled 3 months now pending.
By the way I already finish my contract
the next hearing is next year (2019) january
i just want to know if the company will pay the delayed repatriation because in the first place if he give the ESB i will go to my country..the company is also foreign not local (saudi)
Thank you Sir in advance..

To the ministry of labour
Hi this is mohammad zameer uddin
Sir last year icm to saudi when i cm pay all fee to my kafeel coz of my iqamma but kafeel wont to gv me iqamma 1 year a go so now iam sick i want to exit so hw idont know please sir help me

It is a waste of time, money and effort, KSA must close all these offices in KSA, as they are useless and the staff there don't do anything at all!! except wasting the time and effort of the people who have cases!! many people have complained about their services but there is no one listen to the people's complaints !!

Does anyone have information on the new courts and their procedures.

Dear Sir,

Can you please give me a responce on my query ?
Your help means a lot.


Whats the assistance that you require?

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