Complaint at Ministry of Labour.

Has anyone ever filed a complaint at M/O labour? I would like to know the procedure involved in the kingdom? Please share your part of the story if you have experienced to be Martin Luther king..

The reason you did not get any answer is probably because everyone believes its of no use and the decision will go in favor of local employer, the only remedy you will get is a exit.

adnanhashmi :

Has anyone ever filed a complaint at M/O labour? I would like to know the procedure involved in the kingdom? Please share your part of the story if you have experienced to be Martin Luther king..

my cousins's sponsor labeleld him as ran away, he filed a complaint in (Imaara, Ameer's office) they treated him like local, he faced the Ameer, but the secretary told him not to open your mouth, Ameer saw the documents and write to name of Maktab Amal (as per system) after several months end of story with his exit, what he benefited from it he was able to receive his final rights.

pkmusd :

The reason you did not get any answer is probably because everyone believes its of no use and the decision will go in favor of local employer, the only remedy you will get is a exit.

somehow yes it will go in favor of local employer. why ? because the ministry/court will say to the employee and emploer that sit and settle the case, and definitely employer will say to employee that you drag me here, now you have to go.

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Until now i am not repatriated at my employer always told me next week..i filed my contract ends sept 25 2014..i work 2 months last day of work is november 30 2014....until now im still waiting..he told me its very difficult to acces transaction with jawazat..i need to not working right now..and its very difficult for my situation..i have 3 children to company is amjad al wadi for aluminum..*** thtas my employer number..he is a yemeni..please help me as soon as possible

All the registration in the company expired and he did not renew..there is no. Health insurance ,,baladiya permit expired..

Long story short, you only go to MOL to register a complaint when you have decided that this is it for you in KSA. 99.9% cases I have come across have been disasters for the people who filed a complaint. End of the day you are an expatriate in KSA where locals have higher rights and will be given 10 times more preference than you.

Even if the outcome is in your favor, you will be leaving the country sooner or later becuase of it. So it is advised in general cases to sort out the disputes outside MOL. Because once you file the complaint, you do not know how long you will have to wait. You will neither be allowed to work nor leave the country unless there is an outcome. A very simple trend followed by the locals is to skip the hearing dates in MOL and keep you waiting and force you to take your complaint back. You will waste your money, time and efforts for nothing.

alvaromartinezcornel :

All the registration in the company expired and he did not renew..there is no. Health insurance ,,baladiya permit expired..

as per Nitagat law, you have the right to apply for work in other companies that are in the highest Nitaqat category. your employer can not say no to that. Good luck.

Hi friends

i am khan , from saudi arabia and i need some help from you if any one have experience to deal with labor law , i need to help me in this case .

my company hold my three month salary and 2 quarter commission , and they are not giving an reason to me , and i **need all back also they dont want to continue new contract with me , so i need some who know about saudi labor law.


Dear sir we are complete 10ths Month in al rashid tradinding contracting co. 10 days before 4000 new manpower All persons take iqma but did not return iqma plz help us we are very helpless

Dear sir  I am against requesting for him  I am before requesting but u did not take action our company we   are  4000 and more than worker in kap 4 project in Riyadh we have compete 10 months but company give iqma all peoples we no going to riyadh city with out iqma in suadi labour law but our company  don't  follow order we  are very help less please  help less please help us our company name is al rashid tarding and contracting co.

Dear sir /madam
As per agree we are working as manpower year 2013 there is one company Lois buliedrs ksa . By month  will pay the salary  as per agree both parties . More than 70 people we are working there more than one year  and they told us to work .sundley they are stop the salary Oct .Nov. Dec. Year 2013. So many suppliers want money to them every week give us date and play we go there  to get the salary they are asking submit iqama and some other we are submitted now they told nesma didn't pay. We  go there nesma they tell us is paid all ready .This company is very bad reputation in the market all over country they made that .Now please advise us immediately to get our payment .
We will he  glad to you


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hi, good afternoon to everyone..i'm working on my employer in a CLINIC here in RIYADH as a RECEPTIONIST.. my salary is only 1,700SR w/out a regular off.. my OFF once a month only and i'm a muslim.. he's cutting my iqama and insurance from my salary which i know that all employer must provide iqama and insurance for it's raining time our room is full of water, we're living at the top of our clinic.. our moder is sooo baaad. our location is between exit 8 and 9 king bin alwaleed street. dhurrat ghornata medical complex. the name of our employer is ***small salary,delayed salary,cut for iqama,insurance.. i tot working here in kingdom will change mylife.. being far away from ur family is too difficult but as an OFW we need to sacrifice for the sake of our Family, they should treat there workers in a nice way for it would be the only remembrance that we can kept at the end of our contract/services to them. SUBHANALLAH! the end of the world is coming very soon.. i expect a lot specially knowing that i will work in arabs country, a muslims country.. but it's totally opposite of what i've expect from my employer.. he's so BAD...

A friend of mine had some issues with his employer. One day on a fine morning all of a sudden employer gave passport and ticket to his country. He was shocked and not prepared obviously... so he went to Ministry office and filed a complaint, after li'l more than 6 months he got his final rights and compensation of 100k Riyals..
Note: he was Egyptian and all I know is he regularly visited the place where he was called on given date by ministry.

my company name a**** dont follow role in saudi low hi is behaviour is not gud for lebor saudi government allow work time 6am to 12pm then rest 3 hour then 3pm to 5pm work but he is not follow people sick n lots of problems
2nd selary not gives 2 month late
All people passport have company not giveit to any lebor
Work not same fild he ask aevry work any time without over time
Aqumation not gud
Plz u see this n help we r poor people
ALLAH bless you

Dear friends
I worked with manpower supplier for 7 months. He didn't give me salary at end he gave me check against my salary and check didn't cash. Now what I do to get my salary

It is ok if your employer force you to another job that is not stated in your contract,for example you are a nurse in a clinic and that clinic sent you as company nurse in 1 compnay as rental,and without is legal???

Regardless of all comments, I will start from the last sentence you said "if you have experienced to be Martin Luther king"

Unfortunately, all comments are based on SAYING, STEREOTYPING, wrong information, etc.

From my experience as a Saudi Licensed  attorney I believe that employees always give up their rights based on saying!!! (like the comments above) which is 100% wrong info.

Filing a complaint/case at MOL is like filing any case in any court where you need to submit  a memo including the topic of your case, evidence and lastly your claims. Meanwhile, when filing a complaint, do not expect the judgment will be released within days or weeks, it will take months going through three stages. However, many people do not know if you file a proper case and your company stopped paying you for any reason, you legally still find another employer and work with him until the end of your case.

Moreover, Some people believe the judgments always on the company or local favor which is totally not correct because the judgment's favor will be for the one who submit proper claims with the supporting evidence regardless of the parties.

If you have claims with no evidence such as paper, mails, contracts, etc, how do you think you will win the case. ( no claims' evidence no favoring judgment)

I hope my answer helped you all for your future reference.


this is extremely false information and people do not follow the proper procedure to get their rights, thats why they never do, or follow they  false statements as such

pkmusd :

The reason you did not get any answer is probably because everyone believes its of no use and the decision will go in favor of local employer, the only remedy you will get is a exit.


qwertyuiop123654 :

It is ok if your employer force you to another job that is not stated in your contract,for example you are a nurse in a clinic and that clinic sent you as company nurse in 1 compnay as rental,and without is legal???

Define 'force''. Did your manager physically dragged you out of the clinic to another place? Were you threatened physical or verbally? If yes, leave.

If not, It is legal.

Your company as a business will have their own hospitals and clinics. Other than having their own business they also enter into contracting the medical and health requirements of another company. This means, that Company Y (your company) was hired by Company X  to provide medical and health services in their location. This is called customer centric/customer care, the patients will no longer go to your clinic/hospital because your company will have a clinic in their office (CompanyX). It's called one stop shop.

But you should request for allowance if you think you are entitled.

Broaden up your mind. Inside the biggest telecom complex in Riyadh, you will find travel agencies, banks, clinics, restaurants, Donuts, cafe shops, insurance companies etc. The employees of this biggest telecom don't have to go out of the complex, they only go the building where there are restaurants, travel agencies, clinics, banks to do business. Also government branches example MOI office is inside the complex.

Hello😊,I wanna ask in giving a NOC was optional wether he want it to give or not?or it is responsibility of my Employer to grant On his employees?

Hello Can you explain more so I can help you? I live in Riyadh, and this my mobile number *** WhatsApp

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Sir my employer has given me a hint that he will demote me and my salary on the basis of my work. But what I feel is that he is just trying to cut my salary so that I work for less money giving me various reasons about my work. And he says that if you agree to work with us with this new salary or else leave but paying atleast 8000 riyal. Sir can I file a complain regarding this and as per my contract I am eligle for a off after 6 working days which I don't get and access hours of duty with out pay..please reply and suggest

Dear Bilal
pls share your mobile number. I need help on urgent


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Sir asking information only to because your an attorney..follow question about your comment,as an expat like me who gave 5 months salary of my sponsored,if I file case against him true MOL,then it was a long time processing maybe 2 months or 3months or more,as a family man like it his possible to work for others company or transfer while waiting for the result of the case because I have family to feed and my children going to school.
Thanks a lot for the answer

Dear Mr. Yossef,
I am Iqbal Akhter, Indian national and on engineer's visa.
Below are the details of my case on which I need your suggestions if you could provide.
I worked in Dammam for a company from July 2016 to October 2017-
1) My employer holds my money that includes-
    a) 2016 to 2017 clearances-(21 days paid leave compensation + Air Fare)
    b) My September Basic Slary- Only paid housing allowance
    c) 2 Months paid notice compensation-(Denied verbally)
    d) My Contract Clearance that sums-For working 1.25 Years i.e. 15 months
    e) My October 2017 salary-(12 days not paid)
    f) Final fuel Invoices- (Not paid)
2) I am terminated from job with a 7 days notice instead of 60 days notice. (My signed contract & Saudi Labor Law violated/ letter received on 05-10-17 stating that last working day is 12-10-17))
3) I have handed over all the company's properties and received confirmation through mail and demanded for accounts statement to be sent for transfer the money but after several reminder they are asking me to visit Riyadh office which is not required. (They also send message to me unofficially that I must take whatever they give and they will not give me 60 days notice amount, So, they want me to go Riyadh office and sign for what they want)
4) They put me in Huroob- Confirmed through a call yesterday from Dammam project office unofficially, I checked online and found it correct. (Even if I contacted them ladt on 16-10-17 through mail.asking for my final account settlement, they put me under ahuroob on 22-10-17)
My visa ends on 22/03/1439 (11-12-2017)
I have all documents, communication mails as a proof to provide if needed.

I am a local transfer from another employer and this company did not bring me from India. I do not want any transfer and will go back to India after getting cleared from all these.
Now please advise me what steps shall I take to come out of the situation and recover my money from the employer. Whether I shall go to ministry of labor as I have Huroob or I shall go for legal case filing? Will it be economical?
Most important thing, can the employee claim for a compensation for the waiting time and torture untill case settles?

Will really appreciate if you could answer..

Iqbal Akhter

Dir sir,
My self syed Baker alam
I would like to complain about my sponsor
I transferred my sponsor ship about one month 
One of sponsor manager I deal with him an he agreement with me the sponsor fee will pay 50% of the amount the other 50% for me that will deduct from my salary  now he said I have to pay all amount of transfer fee An he bring me as a accountant but now after my transfer he complete change what he told me now he  I have to work as a labor please help me
I do not want to work with him
Company name is ***
My mobile **

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Hi Frnds,

I am looking here for attorney Mr.Yousuf... If any one help me with his contact details i will be greatful.

Mr.Yousuf if my post fetch you please drop your contact details need to get advise on 2 cases.

1 case pending at Execution court
Second case at labour court about to be filed...please reach me on my mail ***

Thank you

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PM me

What ministry can i go to report my Accomodation? The delivery of water is irregular. I want to report the owner of this building for he does not meet the proper necessity of a building. Please help me.

hi can you ask for a proof of transfer/deposit from the bank if I dont have any bank account there? i need it to file a compalint in ministry of labor for the wage protection program. i only have the photo copy of the checks of our salary,  sadly its not valid proof for delayed salary.

I am working in National fruit juice company in dammam Eid holly day only giving two day another day's working but can not provide the Eid holly days over time

Hello need help have severe a labor issue and no one will help me.

From my experience the system works very well. You will get your case heard. All what they do is give you a letter for your sponsor to appear for hearing. If he is at fault that itself will give you what you want. So I encourage you to go ahead and seek assistance at Labor. I feel sorry for some negative responses. People go by hearsay, the best thing to do is experience yourself.

I have gone there nothing happened, I need a labor lawyer, I was transferred to court.

hi sir, i just want to ask if, there is a need for appointment if i will go to saudi ministry labor office.. thank you

hi sir yousef.. i would like to ask your side, from our concern regarding our present situation.. we are 4 nurses here in ryadh and we want to go for exit already, but our employer dont want to give us our benefits and employment certificate.. hes insisting that our contract started with them from the date of transfer of our iqama,. which is sept 2017,but we started working with them, from oct 1,2016. but no contract was made during that time..
kindly contact me.... thank you sir

Anyone needs legal assistance please PM as I don’t login in this web that much. However, i receives messages notifications.

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