Plz Help! Tanning Salons in Luanda?


I was wondering if there were any tanning salons

With airbrush/ spray tanning in luanda.

Plz post some contact info if u do know of any.

Thanx a bunch! :)

Hello Ely,

Welcome to :)

There should be for sure, let's wait for the comments ;)


what about Vitamine D from direct sun.
Here you really  have opportunity to go to beach instead of Saloon.

Salão de Beleza - in Bellas Business (near Belas shopping) named BIOCLINIC [Moderated: No contact number please, for security measures. Thank you]

thanx a bunch!
i'll try and get their contact info!

yes, i'd love to sunbathe and get a natural tan but

my scars are still healing from an operation

and apparantly it'll darken if pigmentation builds up!

must block out UV rays for a while!