hi to every buddy direct me what to do because i don not understand

More information please so we may be able to assist you.

Ok then do it because i like to work abroad

please direct me what to do so as i can work and live in Afghanistan

Hi  chef suma,

In order to guide you in the right way, you must give us information about where you want to work, what are your skills and qualification for work, and as well as an introduction of yourself might help.

Thank you,


If you won't  mind you can give me your address so as I can give you my CV .shortly I am chef by profession

No use giving out your CV to forum members as we are not recruitment agencies.

I worked in Afghanistan for 2 years and know that it is difficult to get work there unless you have had overseas experience before.

Also remember that the US and others are leaving Afghanistan by end of 2014 and are progressively closing camps down. On your other post I have given you a name to Google for possible work.

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