Apartment rent Survey in Cairo

Please provide some information as reference to others. Thank you

1. How much you pay the rent?
2. how many bedroom do you have?
3. Which area and on which street?
4. Score Your apartment from 1 to 10.
5. By what way you find this apartment?
    + if via an agency, what's the name of the company? And how much for The commission?

Any advise?

Mr. Donysisi, u do not waste time do u? :D:D

Smart idea.:cool:

Perhaps this would help :


Good luck!

Hey, thanks. I changed hotel this morning, the wifi access here is not easy here. So I just check the web, find some of them with good price. Although can't find any apartment in dokky, or Mouhandisin, most of them from "new Cities", is that mean new Cairo city?

Try this one



why would anyone give you all this info.
een flats . villas die by side will have a different rental value here - depending on how greedy the owners / what is in the apartment and how good the finishing.
and as for the score out of 10 - all subjective!!

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