I want to go to stay and do the works in Brunei.

Dear Sirs,

I got two degree Certificate , Firstly is a History major and  an English Minor, secondly is the Science of the Thai-traditional Medicine.

My jobs are; Firstly is a florist, secondly is a part-time teacher in English( a kindergarten),thirdly is Thai-cooking, fourth is a massage teacher.

I can do the works in a Spa or a Medical Spa or a Medical Care in the field of an alternative medicine.  To diagnosis and therapy by the way of Thai-traditional Medicine.

Would you please advise me, I want to find out and do the job here (Brunei).



Hello....anyone can help me? I am in Bangkok now, I want to move to stay and do the works in Brunei.

Hi Taranobb,

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

I invite you to post an advert in the jobs in Brunei section.

Thank you,

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Its quite advisable for you to go ahead and apply for any available vacancy in any of these disciplines. Of course life generally in that part of the world is attractive and favorable.
I wish you success in all your endeavors,

Danladi Musa,
Abuja - Nigeria


I would like to work in  Brunei. Currently am in India. How I can get a visa there for coming there, and find a job? How I can get visit visa and how long I can stay there.

Expecting good advice


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