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i also have plan to go Brazil in next year. and will marriage with my girlfriend. what document i have need to apply for permanent visa?

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Documents necessary for the application based on marriage to Brazilian natural:

Visa application, duly signed by the applicant;

certified copy of complete passport (including the blank sheets) or equivalent travel document;

certified copy of the marriage certificate;

certified copy of the identity card of the Brazilian spouse;

notarized declaration that the couple are not separated in fact or judicially, signed by the couple;

statement that applicant was not prosecuted or convicted criminal in Brazil or abroad; (This will usually involve producing a Certified Criminal Record Check which is issued by the police in your country of origin, it must also be LEGALIZED by the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in the country in which the document was issued)

proof of payment of the relevant fee (paid copy of GRU).

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