Buying a car

Hi everyone, we're moving to Seychelles soon and are thinking of buying a car!
What is the average price for an ok car? Which brand should we choose in order not to have too many troubles with finding spare parts etc?
Also, what is the price for petrol?

Hi RockyRacoon,

Prices depends, prices depends on your seller too. Are you looking for a new car ?
There are many brands in Seychelles these days but the rising ones are KIA and Hyundai. They have their own agents and spares can be ordered via them. There are other good brands too.

As for fuel prices, it has gone down recently but it depends if your car is economical.

Hi PatrickValmont,

   My wife is an expat at seychelles and we are about to live with her this year. May I ask for your help on how I can have a drivers license at seychelles. What are the important requirements that I should bring with me.
   I need a drivers license because the plan is I will be driving to bring my wife to office and kids to school and fetch them after.

Thank you very much.


Hi Patrickvalmont

Thanks for your reply! Nah, I dont need a new car, a used cheap one would suit me perfectly =)

How much would be used Hyundai i10 car.? What about daihatusu Sirion.?

Thanks a lot

Hyundai i10 & Daihatsu Sirion used cars can range from SCR 100,000 to SCR 160,000 in my own experience. If you want you can join a facebook group called 'Automobile Buy and Sell' and you will see various second hand vehicles in good condition plus a lot on used spare parts.

Hyundai, Kia, Daihatsu Suzuki Peugeot and some Toyota in order of majority according to what i observe as i drive my used car. ;)

Thanks a lot fwelloh. I ended up buying a Atos Prime :). For Rs87500

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