Moving to Cambodia

Hey there, I'm moving to Cambodia in July and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I can be expecting to pay for a flat/apartment pcm. I have looked at many sites and boards and the advice and price given is incredibly varied (and I don't know enough yet to know what to trust). I'll be looking to pre-book a place for a month and then search when in the city and can get a feel for the neighbourhoods. Really not looking for anything fancy - location is much more important than comfort. Ideally I would like to live on my own and not have to share a bathroom. Any further advice about moving to Cambodia will be gratefully devoured :) Thanks in advance.

Try posting in the Cambodian section.

Heh, Cheers Stumpy, I kinda figured that out, but the general forum tag drew me in when I first signed up. Didn't know how to delete this post :)

Sorry. .. what's a flat/appartement "PCM"?

PCM is "per calendar month", basically what's the monthly rent for a basic place in a good location :)

I see. .. the answer to that is always the same... prices vary a lot depending on the style of life you have.
For example, it goes from 150$ for a good one bedroom + shower room + kitchen apartment with khmer neighbors to 600$ for a service appartement with full features (gym, swimming, etc) in a foreigners neighborhood. This is why it's so hard to answer. You will really need to come and see by yourself.

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