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Hi I received a job offer from Saudi Arabia GE and the package is really  good. But the problem is they told me come here  on business visa due to saudization and after 3 months they will transfer me under employment visa. I already received my offer letter after passing my online interview. Is it possible to transfer after 3 months. Right now I'm in Spain working on project.

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wilson_derry wrote:

Right now I'm in Spain working on project.


Hehehe.... I was just kidding alliecat, I'm currently working in Spain. Legend is it possible to transfer after 3 months.

Sorry just a typo from my mobile, it's GE not google.

I think they want to buy time to initiate the visa process, it is usually not an issue, maybe after they issue the visa, they will send you to come back on their employment visa.

Just make sure that you will not expire your business visit visa and time to time check with your HR the status of the working visa...

GE is a serious company.

The Business Visit Visa is 6 months and you will have to exit the country every 30 days.

My company made the same thing with me. I am on Business Visit Visa since March but my Iqama will soon be available for me!

Good News, You know the systems here and I guess these type of things work here.... So take a plunge and see whats in store for you...

Good Luck !!

You can come on a biz visa. The conversion to work visa won't be possible but they'll issue for you a work visa after you complete your 3 month probation period. You'll have to have a roundtrip back home to get it stamped. It's quite a normal procedure here. So Green signal from me :)

Thanks everyone :)

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As per my experience it is not possible to transfer from Business to Iqama without returning back to your country of origin --ie your passport.



This Visit Visa is different than "Tourist Visit Visa" and can easily be extended up-to 10 months without leaving Kingdom. This Visa is offered to save time the time and to make your joining as early as possible because the process of Permanent/Residence Visa [Iqama] takes minimum 4-6 weeks.
Good luck

Mate half of my firm is on business visas due to the limited visas available these days.

If you are happy with the rest, you should go ahead with it.

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