Visa situation after Jan. 1, 2013

ssuprnova :

Can anyone verify getting a B3 visa at the airport *or* switching from a C1 tourist visa to a B3 without leaving the country?

Did all of the above mentioned myself.

Never stayed in the country long enough each time to see whether one can extend more than once, let alone three, so I cannot confirm the theory of 3 extensions. I have never read it officially anywhere so don't know if it is true.

Spoke to a friend of mine who does  a lot of visa for expats, he said you cant extend it three times only once. He did say it all comes down to who you deal with and the under the table visas are still there. There has also been a crackdown on residence cards, mainly the ones that are done by people who know people, the ones that you pay and everything is done for you.

I'm not sure what you guys are talking about.  I have a 3 month multiple entry tourist visa.  A six month one is available as well. 

Maybe it's only for US citizens though, I don't know.  I also got my visa from the consulate in NYC, not on arrival.

The time prior to my current trip I had a 3 month multiple entry that I got extended another 3 months without having to leave Vietnam to do it.

We said extend it three times, not extend it for three months.Six month visas went out the door long ago, if the NYC is giving them, its not the norm, trust me.

You're wrong about the six month visa.  They give them out at every consulate in the US for tourists.  You need an itinerary though, which you don't need for the three month one.

Who told you every embassy does that, you.

Why would the embassy in NYC do it, but not the one in SF?

So you said all embassies without really knowing.

VN embassies seem to not all work to the same regulations. Why can people go to Phnom Penh and get a 1 year visa, but you cant get it in Australian, why can you get a 3 year residence card in Saigon, but in My Tho, only 70 klms away, they will only give you one year.Its how they do things, there is no  reason as to why. If the 6 month multi exists, then thats great for USA citizens, but I would say its very hard to get, maybe Im wrong.

iflyhigh either from the Embassy's in the States or online trough a visa on arrival agent the max you'll get is 3 months. That of course can be extended at least once. You might be able to get a 6 month or 12 month in Cambodia, but when you come back across the border the folks at immigrations will more than likely downgrade it to 3 months as they smile at you.

That has happened a few times, its not the norm, I know heaps of guys with the 6 month and some with the 1 year. The problem as with everything in VIet Nam is there is no uniformity.

colinoscapee did they get them in PP or SV Cambodia? SV seems to be the easiest  place to get them but the most looked at when you go across the border, from what I understand.

Well as you know, things never stay the same, they were issued in both depending who was feeling in the better mood. By law the border guards cant change the visa as its stamped by the embassy, that would mean the border guard is over riding the embassy.As you know, the VN government just cant leave things alone when they are working well, its all about more funds.

colinoscapee your wrong on that one. Immigration can over ride what the folks at the consular section do. Not very often as you mentioned but it does happen. It's their responsibility to control the border entry points and are empowered to do it.

It may of happened in the past, but is it legal. Same as the quarantine fee they try and charge at some borders, its all illegal.

There are visas for 6 months, even for 1 year.
I have posted about their fee earlier

The one year are for investors and experts working in foreign corporations.

The 6 month visa is in principle available for professionals and visitors (need invitation), but the visa agencies are not offering them so often.

Link in Vietnamese … emID=23432


You are, finally, good for something!  Amen.

Thats right, but they are not toursit visas as stated by another poster.

If you apply to visit (for the six month visa), your official status is tourist visa.

Allow me to remind you of my "significant valuable contribution" which gives me access to the special emoticons you so craved after. Had it not for my personal intervention with Julie to grant you similar privileges, you still would not have access to them today.:blink:

What access?  What emoticons are you talking about?

You don't make any sense, of course the Phnom Penh and Australian embassies work differently, they have different visa and immigration agreements with the two different countries.

Why would different consulate/embassies in the same country have different rules?  That's pure nonsense.

Here's how I know there is a six month tourist visa:  The guy who processed my visa at the consulate in NYC at 866 UN Plaza in Manhattan.  It broke down a little like this:

"Can I get a six month tourist visa?"

"Sure but you need itinerary for entire trip."

"Oh, I'll stick with the three month one."

"Yes you extend in Vietnam no problem."

This was six weeks ago.

Maybe he was bad at his job, not a shocking idea considering, but I would guess he knows what he's doing.

Or maybe it's an offer they only make white people, what do I know.

colinoscapee :

It may of happened in the past, but is it legal. Same as the quarantine fee they try and charge at some borders, its all illegal.

You are talking nonsense. Immigration officers can overide any visa they feel like. It says so on the visa and most countries the same.most countries would require the officer to put in writing why so you can appeal when sent home. but that is common in most (I won't say all as bound to be an exception) countries. The immigration officer on the border IS GOd!!!

Well they do, the PP embassy and Sihanoukville embassy in Cambodia are just that.

Well I wouldnt put the border immigration in the same league as the airport immigration.

Interesting to know that a 6 month visa is still on offer to a tourist, I used to get them 6 years ago, but then they ceased. VN governement changes its rules so often its hard to keep track of.

I have a 1 year multiple entry Visa, i guess im lucky lol


LOL is when you have dual citizenships, you come and go when you want and do what you want!

Getting back to the OP...  Anything is possible in Vietnam, you just need to get the right people behind it and have a positive attitude about it.  Nothing is set in stone here.

Yes thats very true,it all comes down to who you deal with.

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I'm on a British passport.
Sent it off to Canberra with the request for a 3month tourist visa and got back B3.
I extended in VN and got another B3 for 3 months

Back in Australia and just about to go back to VN, asked for a 3 month tourist and again got a B3...


Anatta :

Your point about marriage bliss and its feasibility reminds me of the Neil Armstrong (the astronaut) and Mr Gorsky joke.
Google if you don't know about it.


Maybe we can get the fine folks at Snopes to investigate this perpetual visa crisis?

It's been stated before:  TIV man (this is Vietnam).  Everything is illegal and anythings possible!

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Currently, 3 moth visa is available but the approval fee increases. If you want to change from c1 to b3, you need to extend your current visa into 3 moth. As I know all 3 moth visa has category b3.

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