Open the office in Chennai

Hello, guys!!

My business trip to Chennai is less than a month :D
It will be 6-9 months or maybe more.

My goal is to open the new office with warehouse (Godown) in Chennai and hire local people to have office up and running without me.
I will need to start this project from scratch, and I am currently researching so many stuffs, wow tough.

I first wanted to introduce myself to everyone, but was wondering if you could help me to find local property broker. I need to find office with warehouse in Chennai area.

Thank you!!


You can find out a list of property brokers in this link:

Hope this helps!


Yes, it does help me!!

Thanks a lot.

You're welcome! Let me know if you have any other queries.

I would be interested to your proposal. let me know more info about it. mail me to id.