I am waiting for a nice lady from Ukraine in Mexico City. George.

Summer is coming and I would like to invite you over to Mexico, if you are a nice slim blond lady willing to marry a mexican in a short time from now.
I think that the personal meeting is very important.
I am not planning to go to Ukraine soon but maybe you are planning to come to Mexico for your holidays.
I would like to invite you to my house and with my family.
You can spend a week or longer if you wish.
I will be glad to show you around and have a good time.
No bad intentions. I am not interested in intimate encounters.
I have moral intentions.
I hope you can come in a group and maybe you can stay later by yourself once we have met and realize you are in good hands.
One week or two could be so nice. Pyramids and beaches as well as living in Mexico City...will be a unique experience for you.
We have super nice places for you to enjoy and we have a forest.
Being close to nature is the best.
Loooking forward to your visiting me. GeorgeModilevsky in Google and in Facebook.

Going to Mexico to spend the holidays? Why? So they can be kidnapped or shot? Mexico is a very dangerous place to go on vacation! I will never go back to Mexico. Ukraine, YES! Mexico? Never!

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