Opening a nursery


Me and my husband would like to move to Mauritius and open an English nursery.

Any thought/help is appreciated on:

- procedures to open a nursery
- need for English nursery over there



It is a good idea, I am looking to open one myself. If you want we can do something.


i can tell you that we badly need one in port louis. that's where we lack good nurseries. also in coromandel won't be bad

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This is an idea I have pondered on for a long time and now that I am finally in mtius will start the procedures to open my pre school soon, still not sure whethet nursery as well. As I live inmontagne longue area I will be hoping to attract people from port louis, it will be english. I can tell you the procedures once I have completed if you like, I dont think it will be esdy but from my previous experience with my own kids I know that an english nursery school is a good idea, lets hope mine works.

hello im vishal from mauritius
when you are coming??

Have you opened it yet, looking for one for my 2 year old?

Have not opened yet as been busy getting my container cleared but now thats out the way will be going full force and hopefully be officialy open in a few months.
I have pm'd you my number. Do call me as i would be willing to take children in the meantime. Dont panic i am a uk qualified teacher and my hubby a nurse and have a 1yr old son and 2 daughters 6 and 8. U can visit as well.
Speak soon.

Have you opened your nursery?

I have pm'd you my phone number. Don't hesitate to contact me.

have you managed to open your nursery?

Hi nesdee
will be opening end of sept. Pm me ure number.

Hello dear can you please tell me how to proceed to open a nursery do have any contact number where can i call to get detail plzz help thanks

Hi there,

If you have opened your school. What area is it in?

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