Belarus Internet

Hello all,

What is your opinion of Belarus's internet? Do you ever experience problems?

I write to a friend in Belarus everyday and have little problems.

The last time i've been to Belarus, Minsk 12/10.... Beltelecom manages the country’s Internet gateway.  I believed it runs a DSL 8 Gbps (from a mere 5.6 Gbps in 2008).

(BasNet’s) speed is 12 Mbps. But it's an own independent satellite connection.
Overall,  I still don't understand how they do there pricing or charges?.  I think they charge you by the min like if you are in a cafe.  You put so much money down until time expires.  Or maybe there is a monthly subscription.  I really don't know?.  Still need to follow up on that. 

Now, I heard WIFI is available to the public for there homes. (Certain Districts)  Not sure on the speed either though or cost.  I know most cafe's offered WIFI but tends to run pretty slow compare here in the U.S.   

I'll see if I can get more info.

Wi-Fi is available from the state monopolist Beltelecom (hence the price) and the speed is not always as advertised.

You can also subscribe to a 3G Internet plan of one of the three local mobile phone networks - MTS, Velcom and Life:) with a 3G modem given to you free of charge. Isn't the fastest Internet but it it mobile. I myself use Life:) Internet modem not because of its quality, but because I can recharge the balance every time I use the traffic provided in the monthly plan.


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