Looking for business partner! I am investor

Dear Sir or Madam

I am a businessman.

I am looking for a business partner in Thailand in order to open a new restaurant in Pattaya.

I would love to review any of your offers related to a business partnership .

Concerning to this business case i have the followng questions:
Can i open a restaurant in Pattaya as a foreign investor?
How can i open a restaurant in Pattaya?
How much are your services cost?
How long does it take to open oficially a restaurant in Pattaya?

If it is neccessary i can come to Thailand.

contact details:
skype: john.u7


Hi John and welcome to the forum!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Looking for section of Pattaya classifieds.
It might help.


Hello John,

Iam Mr.Nart living in pattaya i had been work for hotel food&beverage now doing own busines in pattaya,
What kind of wich you want to open a restaurantin pattaya
i can help you to open a business from start.


I would suggest you stay in your country and live a happy life because here in pattaya
1: nobody makes money in this business.
2: pattaya is a gathering of the worse crooks on earth
3: you seem vulnerable

I should charge you for protecting you from yourself.


I suggest you should visit Thailand by yourself first, travel around different cities, meet locals and expats who are familiar with resturant business, there are so many destinations here in Thailand where you can do some profitable bussines. What type of resturant you are interested to invest?

Hi sitpholek,

It would be much appreciated if you can share some positive points too.. :)

Thank you


Here in Pattaya, food is delicious, weather is nice all year long, girls are welcoming, and a restaurant falls bankrupt every 3 hours.

says a businessman.


G, Gave you sound advise. As did the gentleman who suggested visit, travel around. See for yourself. That is real.


I have been and lived all over the world. Thailand has been the least of any bad experiences. Life is what we make it.
Prefer the NE. Chong Mek. aka ; small; Pattaya
Building resort in, Det Udom. Beautiful and well kept secret. Golf close by.
La dolce vita

Mike, let me summarize your post that was to me harder to digest than a plate of som tum palaa:
1/in life, there are good people and bad people (what about average people?)
2/don't let anybody deter you from achieving your goals (inspirational insight)
3/smart decision is based on factors( I had a hard time understanding that one, but it makes you sound intelligent)
4/let s do business together (there you go! we didn't see that coming!)

Mike I can only bow down to this post; everything is in it: you defend him from the sarcastic negative poster, then give him the confidence boost he needs to get back to it, and finally you offer him your humble services... Classic!

This will be my last post on this thread because we re going nowhere.
Let me get this straight:
I may sound bitter but in fact, I am a successful businessman who speak thai and love thai culture.
I want to warn all the Farangs about the danger of running food and drinks business in pattaya.
Other business can be profitable, like tour operator, language school... But not this one.

As others said, come and see by yourself.

I am businessman from USA, living in Thailand. I saw your posting and have a few questions. What is our motivation for opening business in Thailand? Why restaurant ? Why Pattaya ? You can have business presence in Thailand, no problem. If are sure about type and place for business, my recommendation is to but existing business so you can measure performance and buy based on multiple of free cash flow.





You are pretty opinionated. Maybe you should look in the mirror, because your comments are almost making accusations against me and pretty slanderous.

If you do not like expats what are you doing here on Expat.com?

Sounds to me like the comments you were insinuating to me is a reflection of your own inadequacies. This earlier comment you posted to the poster I assume you are including yourself in this category "2: pattaya is a gathering of the worse crooks on earth"
"And wow what a surprise you tell him that you should charge him for your comments" Maybe you need a time out. Go sit in the corner you little baby.


Please avoid posting in caps lock, this might make you text easy to read. ;)

Thank you,


note that you cannot own more than 49% of a business in Thailand as a foreigner

Hello, i am a chef from France i have many years of experience in many kind of cuisines,i am passionate of my work and always have new ideas to offer i was also a finaliste in TOP CHEF 2011.
I enjoy new experiences and challenges and i am able to relocate at any time; if you are interested in a partner chip or consultation for your restaurant you can contact me for more information by phone or mail.

(Moderated: please send phone number by private message)

Hi joe.m77leb,

It seems that you are searching for a partnership, i suggest you to create an ad in the Business partners classifieds in Pattaya, it may be useful :)

Thank you,

Expat.com team

Thank you Priscilla :)

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