Im a new expat live in Jakarta/Tangerang

Hello My name is Sam and Im a new expat here in Jakarta. I already issued my Kitas since 3 days ago. and i live in Tangerang right now. Im really suffering from the traffic and from the hot climate in Jakarta. but i live the indonesia culture and i also like to eat nasi goreng :D . Im now searching a job opportunities for the Egyptian expat live in Jakarta but i think its too hard to find out a job here in Jakarta. i have an experience work in four season Alexandria Egypt. and i also have experience in SEO and very good in the internet and computer maintenance. I dont mind if i meet any one in cafe and we talking about business or talking about suggesting a good job opportunity for me really i will be so happy :) Thank you and have a nice days for everyone

اهلين يا حبيبي يا ساميح

انا مرزوقي, لو تريد اى شيئ خدمة, من فضلك إتصلبي
اشآ الله سوف مساعدك انا مقيم \ امنزلي في تانغيرانج



نعم انا ارسلت لك رسالة علي الخاص

How did you get a KITAS in just a few days and what type of KITAS is it?

My spouse is indonesia and we get married since more than 3 years ago in indonesia after that we get back to Egypt and when we back here in Jakarta with a Vitas Indonesia after that we make my kitas in 7 days. that's it

Tangerang immigration strike again. They're really good up there.

ya as i also have a friend there that he helped me to issue that kitas. well i want ask you did you know any job opportunity for the expat here in tangerang or even in a whole jakarta ?

Hello and welcome to Jakarta :-)
I hope you'll find a new job soon. Doing some research online would probably help!

Have a good day :-)

I already sent my CV for more than 100 Company but there is no one contact me .. SO bad. Well thanks for your reply :)

so..what is your job now sir...iam looking for a job too now, especially near tangerang and Jakarta..hope i can join you to work together..., iam oandieo from pangkalpinang

I hope so :) so whats also your job now ?

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