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Hello everyone,

I have just been offered a job in a school in Riyadh, they are offering around SAR 16K per month and 3 times the salary for accommodation (not sure if yearly or monthly though) and a return ticket. 

1-Is that a decent offer for a western teacher? 
2-Would i be able to rent a single bedroom accommodation in an expat compound?

Can anyone please advise?

Thank you

The accomodation allowance is yearly.
Westerner compound will mean 10,000 per month at minimum.

Tnx for replying. So u think I will be able to find a decent accommodation for 45000 not in a compound?
Is the rest of the offer fair?
Thank you for ur help

The cost of decent accommodation for westerners

- outside compounds ranges from 2,500 per month.
- In a non-westerner compound from 5,000 per month

In overall this is a good offer in my view apart from the fact that money is not enough to afford living in a westerner compound.

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