Relocation from Nairobi to Vienna


We are an expat family living in Nairobi and moving to Vienna on 16 June.
We are looking for another expat family who would accept to host our one cubic meter shipment (books, children toys, personal items) in their container.

Thank you!


Hi Michaela!

Welcome to!


hi how are you?

Hi Michaela,

How the logistics are going? Did you manage?


Hi Dez,
Thanks for your interest in our relocation :-)
I must say I didn't receive any reply following my question on the blog :-(...but luckily, meantime, we found out another colleague got also a job in Vienna so our shipment (still in NBO) will finally travel in his container end of September.
The logistics regarding our trip to Vienna went very well as well. Despite the huge quantity of luggage (12 big suitcases and 8 smaller), nothing was lost in transit!
We have a temporary accommodation until end of July but we struggle a bit to find our future house/apartment!
Well...all the best and see you around!


Good to hear your story went well.

Housing seems to be a bit tricky in and around Vienna.
Good luck,


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