Shade cloth

Im trying to buy shade cloth in Bali or Java.
Have purchased shade sails before from Bali but just want to buy shade cloth in a roll for my house like you can find in Bunnings in Aussy.
Cant seem to find it in Indo as when I ask places that make the sails they just give me price for a sail and expensive as just need the cloth. I Live in Makassar and only place Ive found it there is in Ace but its very small width and poor quality.

Any advice appreciated,
Thanks Ken

Hi Ken,

I know exactly what you mean, I recent;y purchased a full roll here was green in colour I will measure tomorrow and send detail but I think is 2 metre wide 50 metre long roll
Regards Howard

Gday Howard,

Thanks for the reply. Its strange how hard it is to find the shade cloth in Indo as thought it would be everywhere in Bali.
Was only after around 7 x 3.8 mts but one of the shade sail places quoted me AU$650. They did have the colour I wanted tho.
Its AU$160 for 6 x 3.6 on bunnings web site. Will keep looking but may have to get my son to grab a roll and bring it on the plane next visit, was trying to avoid it.
Thanks again and regards

Hi Brian

What colour do you need?


Looking for beige clour, I think they call it wheat


Hi Brian,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you.

My local shop only stocks Green shade cloth in a 50 meter roll x 1 Meter wide at an approx cost of Rp 450,000 per roll
Sorry Mate
Bunnings is the go


Gday Howard,

Thanks for the info, Im getting some from Aussy but if I get stuck I will be in touch.

All the Best

Hi Howard!  Can you tell me where you bought the green shade cloth roll? I really need some shade over my yoga structure!  Thank you!!

there are a few suppliers in Denpasar for that kind of fabric.
- Narmada textile
- Warna Jaya / Silky Jaya
- Some shops on Jalan Kartini
- Some small shops on Jalan Sulawesi

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