moving to algiers next month-need info

I would be moving to Algiers next month.I am from India.
I would like to know from your experience whether its good to relocate algier? is it safe? is it a clean city? how about metropolitan area? any skyscrapers? any entertainment in algiers? Theatres etc how about the climate?what is an average payscale for expats in restaurants(managers/asst manager)? My contract says only about accommodation. how about food charges?how much do i need to spend per day in general?
do let me know if i should change my plans and skip Algeria. you can email me on:  shaazir[at]
If there is an Indian or for that matter familiar with visa procedure ,I would like to know the duration taken by the Algerian officials in Algeria for work permit. I have been waiting for work permit nearly since 4 months. I was told it would be ready by next month.I received the contract letter. Is it true that expats have to send in their original documents(attested at algerian embassy) through courier to the employer in algeria for issuance of work permit?I was told that the algerian officials require originals to check and then issue the letter which would be sent by the employer directly to us ; we need to take it to embassy in India and apply for a visa. If there is any Indian do share about your visa process,procedure and duration taken by the employer to get you in Algeria.

Hi shaazir ,

1- about the weather it's depend to your city which you will live there, if algiers it's a little wet in summer and rainy in winter, but generally is nice weather .
2- there are 2 indian restaurants ( maharaja ) and ( taj mahal ) , but it's a little expensive , you can find arabic food in all streets ( many restaurants ).
3- about safety , i think it's safe . but also , you have to avoid walking in late night time . but in general it's safe don't worry
4- about food charges, the average you need to spend per day maybe is 20 USD