I am from India, planning to move to S Korea and live there for a year or so. I need to find a job. how to find a job in S.Korea. I am in India right now. could you please guide me.

Thanks in advance.
Kumar p

Okay, I have a basic degree in Commerce (B.Com) and a 2 year post Graduate degree in Business Administration (Finance)

I have a total of 10 years of work experience as a customer support associate, starting from a local business (own business for almost 5 years) to International call centers. I have worked for some of the big names like GE Money, Dell Computers, Dish Network, and Amazon for about 5 years all together.

I have excellent Communication skills coupled with analytical abilities. I am looking for a similar customer support position in an organization. Hospitality or any such industry.  IT or IT marketing, or as an English teacher or a writer.

Hi latebloomer !

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Seoul jobs section.
It might help.


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