Moving to Brunei

I really want to live and work in Brunei as Im thrilled by the favourable economic climate,good infrastructures and alot of meaningful developments that actually and directly affect lives. God be with us.

Hello Danladi Musa.

Welcome to! :)

What kind of work are you looking for?
Maybe you can tell us more about your professional background.

Thank you,

Like I stated earlier, Iam presently a Public Servant and Accountant by profession. I possess BSc. Accounting (Bachelor of Science Degree) and Iam a functional member of one of the Professional Accounting bodies in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, Accounting & Finance is my actual discipline but, can do any related jobs such as marketing, Auditing, Purchasing & Supply, Banking etc.

Hi Danladi Musa,

Thanks for your introduction.

I invite you to post in the Jobs in Brunei section, this could be helpful.

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I am one of the retired Banker executive  retired on 30th November 2012. I am still interested to work in some Bank or in any of the exchange company in Brunei. Can any body help me to get the job in Brunei.
Thanks, my mobile No is 93162 02810.

Hello vinod seth -> Could you please post an advert in the Jobs in Brunei section? :)

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I have posted the ad.

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