Need your advice on Belize dream

Hi everyone!
I've spent some time on this forum and really enjoyed friendly and open atmosphere here, as well as lots of practical advice. Definitely, great people make any place perfect :)

I'd like also to ask for your advice as for my Belize dreams. I'm considering moving to Belize (of course, with prior visits and some staying - even though I already love this place!), and wondered, if it is possible to make a decent living there with some small business, like gift shop?

I adore creating hand-made souvenirs, jewelery, etc, and like to meet new people, therefore, it would be a perfect thing for me to do :). It's not about making a fortune, but cover regular expenses...

Maybe someone here knows how feasible this idea is, how difficult is to start something there, or anything you think I should consider before "jumping".

Thank you all for any of your replies.

P.S. I'm writing you from another part of the globe. World is full of wonders!


which part of Belize were thinking of moving to? Who would be your target audience/market? How competitive and what quality would your items be. These would be major players in determining your success.

Thanks for your reply!

I was thinking about souvenirs for tourists first of all - something to remember nice time spent there, but also permanent inhabitants - locals and expats should be the audience... The point is that I don't know too much about the local market or competition there, but I believe in touristic places like Ambergris Caye or Placencia there should be something similar, along with bars and hotels.

Quality? Well, it is not about fashionable or luxurious things, but rather something pleasant and simple, but made with love.

Maybe I'm just way too romantic :)

The areas U mentioned are probably the areas with the most economic benefit however also the most competitive. I suggest taking visits to these areas when come down to assess the quality, price and competition on a hold. Bringing some of your products and trying to establish a link with local resorts, hotels etc would also be great as an initial selling and marketing point. All things made with love are beautiful!

Thanks a lot for your advice. I will definitely see fist the place and competition. I see here people are more relaxed on business issues, as i didn't have much response :)

But, I just like to have some activity - even though not framed into 9 to 5 job, and something more like a hobby. Here, in Ukraine, life is totally different. In case someone would be curious to know, where Ukraine is, I'm at your disposal :)

By the way, has anyone heard about belly dance classes there in Belize? :unsure

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