Volleyball anyone?

Recently in Bahrain and looking for people to play volleyball with during free hours.

Hello Mkabbani.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

An introduction maybe?

Thank you,

Hi Mkabbani, I am interested. Not a good player but I did play some back in the day. Although i see that you live in Manama. :(

hey there, i'm not good at it but i'd like to play volley ball... used to play it long back

Bonjour Mkabbani,
I love sports. (was looking actually for a squash partner but found noone actually).
we could give it shot if you want.

Hi lmjlmj120
There was another forum member looking for squash players. Not sure if it would be practical since they are in Riffa and you in Amwaj, but here is the link if you are interested:


thanks Farhaz.

Hi Mkabbani,
I'm interested, if you organise something let me know!


Were you able to find players?

Hi all, did anything come of this ? I would be interested, I have spotted some nets that are set up in a playground in  Budaiya by the port and the yacht club have nets too.

Given that the original post is about 9 months old, the original poster is perhaps not looking at pursuing this anymore.
It may be a good idea for those interested to band together and get this plan off the ground. Though not too much of a volley ball player, I will also be interested to join in the fun.

Hi guys. I see that this is an old post but did you guys end up getting together to play volleyball? Interested in joining 😁

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