Special K visa

Hello everyone,

I came across this very helpful blog on my search for information re: Special K visa. I will be visiting PP and SR in 3 weeks.

I am Canadian, however, I was born in Cambodia (my Canadian passports shows that). My question is the process to get the Special K visa. I have read many times, that I can just show my passport to the officer and they will process me a visa. My questions are:

1. Is it a stamp or a sticker that gets attached to my visa?
2. Official Cambodia websites say it's "gratis", but have heard others pay up to $20; what is the policy?
3. If I get a new Canadian passport (if about to expiry), how will the Special K visa get transfered?
4. Is it worth the hassle to get Special K or should I just apply for Tourist e-visa online instead?
5. I don't have Cambodia birth certificate, will that be a problem?
6. Do I need to provide any passport-sized photo(s) to the officer? Does it have to be official, or can I just take my own picture and cut it to size?

Thanks in advance for the advice,

K visa is supposed to be free.
However, your are supposed to show a proof... like an ID or a family book.
I guess you will need pictures... just a ID picture format.. don't worry too much about the size.
Now, as for me, if I was planning to visit Cambodia, so for 2 weeks or 3, I would have taken the normal visa... just 20 or 25$ for the business one...
Like that, you are sure not to have any problems.
Whatever, just arrive at the airport with your passport, 2 pictures and 25 $.
If they agree to give you the K visa, take it... if not, just ask for the business one (E)... simple...
don't worry for that!

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