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It's my first time on this forum, however have been trawling on it for the past few weeks, for tips & suggestions of where to stay, places to visit etc etc etc - so many thanks for all the time and effort you put in to keep this website buzzing. 

My husband and I are planning to relocate to Bahrain for work reasons (he is currently traveling to and from Saudi - Europe and back) The relocation will happen with our cat.  Which are the most recommended pet handlers in bahrain? any bad reviews on any of them? 
many thanks


There is only one pet relocator worth using and they are amazing. I am on my mobile so can't send the link. Google Delmon pet relocators Bahrain.  He shipped my 2 Birmans and is fantastic

Hi Josnuggles
thanks for your note.  Will look them up.  I've been told to avoid travelling with pets from may till september due to heat.  I'll see what they say!

It makes no difference as they fly in the hold which is temperature controlled.  Some airlines refuse to fly them in those months though

I agree with Josnuggles.  Use Tim from Delmon Pet Relocators - he was fantastic shipping my choc lab from the UK.

Call him first before you even contact anyone in your home country and he will advise you who to use there too.  Unfortunately, although very sweet, the guys we used in the UK were pretty unclued up on what was needed to import to Bahrain and it caused a week or so delay. Tim is also really good when it comes to the best airlines to use and times to fly (avoiding public holidays/weekends etc).

Our lab landed and was delivered to our villa about an hour later - fantastic :)

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