Nintendo Wii for 849 at LuLu

These days I am looking for original Nintendo Wii so I went to LuLu. I found one with 30 games + 1 Wii Remote + 4 Wii remote wrist  for SAR 849.
Is this a good deal? It was brand new and not used.
Or shall I go a used one but I don't know if it will work once I take it home or not.

Here is a used Wii. This one looks good to me.

Any ideas?

Oh and I am also looking for toys for girl of around 2 years age. In LuLu there were no nice girl toys. Except for may be 1, I didn't like any of them. They were just your standard doll toys or remote control cars. So where can I find nice toys for girls?

Haven't seen Olaya computer market yet which TLL recommended.

Most of the toy shops here have dubious toys, in that they are cheap and probably not very safe. I have found quality toys (but pricey) at Toys R Us and ELC. I recommend ELC for a two year old girl. They have various brain building toys. My three year old son has loved everything we have bought there (they even have a house with little people in abayas and thobes, probably too old for a two year old but my son adores it).

If barbies or other dolls would interest her , don't miss Home Center.

You can try the Nintendo Store in Faisaliah Mall. It's on the plaza level (same floor as the food court) and you'll find a variety of Wii bundles for a better price.

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