Open IT company in Cambodia

HI All ,
I am in IT , i would like to open IT company
Please suggest on this

Thanks ,

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A IT company here if you don't speak Khmer ? Not easy.

Are you looking to help individuals with their IT /computer issues or are you looking to help companies?
What is your time frame?

HI ,
Thanks for your reply,Actually I would like to start company As IT services and project development
I want to help companies where they lack of manpower
NO time frame

Do you speak Khmer is a. Very important question because if not you will need a translator, especially with something as technical as IT services.

HI ,
Thanks for your reply , i can handle the Khmer ,but i would like to known if i open the company in cambodia ,how could it be
please assist on this

Thanks ,

If you want to email me I can give you some input.  I will be in Cambodia after the firsts of the year in jan 2014.   Timw24680[at]


Done ,please check ur mail

Are you thinking of opening it in phnom penh ?


Hi Anath,

There is no problem in opening a IT Company here, however, there are many Khmer companies that provide IT Services and will undercut, although, if you are looking at specialist services,like databases, CRM's, programming, there are opportunities. You really need to come here and do research to see where you can add value. Please email if you want to chat more, xxx. By the way if you have any use for a Dell T320 Edge Server with genuine microsoft software, please let me know.

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