FIlipino offered a job to work in Mauritius


I am a Filipino, I got a job offer to work in Mauritius last month. The thing is, since being my second job overseas. Me and my employer, is quite having difficulty processing my documents going there (Before, my employer were the ones who processes my papers and visa. They will just tell me the supporting documents they need and they would send it back to me stamped, sealed and with visa. So, before it was really easy for me to process it).

Are there anything that I should do or follow. The last e-mail of my employer, they told me that they are having difficulty processing my visa. What would be the best thing to do because I am also running out of suggestions to tell my employer. If there are any Filipinos which has the same situation that I have, please I would like to know your views.


1) If going out of the country especially, Philippines will they look for visa or a letter from my sponsor will do?

2) They told me that before entering Mauritius I have to fill-up a form which will be provided on the airplane before landing to Mauritius? Enlighten me please.

3) Are there any documents needed to bring with me, in case I go there?

I just need help.  Thanks and Have a good day!!!

Hello tunskilen.

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Yes I hope I could get some response and help. :)

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Good luck with your query - I hope your fellow country men in Mauritius can give you some advise on this issue. There's nothing more frustrating than waiting for that last part to be completed...

Hope you will get the answers you're looking for and you can look forward to going to Mauritius.. :)

Good luck..

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kabayan,what line of work here mauritius? anyway this is i can help according to my experience as an expatriate here in mauritius.

1.if going out from philipines at the philippine immigration airport they will ask for your visa entry in Mauritius and ask if you are going to work there or not? so it depends on your visa that you carry if you have the working permit on hand then you can show it to the immigration but normally most of kabayan professionals here the entry is business visa and we tell the immigration that we are going there for business appointment coz we dont have philippine embassy in mauritius that is the reason that its so hard to get the working visa.but when you arrive here in mauritius you can stay for 30days while your employer will process your working permit and residence permit.

2.yes you need to fill up the 2 forms in the plane its your health status and you purpose of visit it depends on your visa as i said it earlier if you got business visa then you are here for business not for work important is the entry in mauritius your employer will take care of the rest. need to bring all your authenticated red ribbon documents and all the documents you can bring and it must be authenticated.

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I applied for Interior Designer. And the office is in Quatre Bornes. Thank You Kabayan. This really helps and the answers that I have been looking for. Again, thank you!!! Hope that I could be there as soon as possible. Again, Thank You. :)

Jazzy851 and Aurelie,

Thank you for the encouragements. This blog and forum really is a big help. Thank You!! :)

no Problem kabayan,see you soon!!



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