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Hello members!  I did a little surfing through the posts on the blog and everyone seems so helpful!
I'm a 44 year old New Yorker, my significant other has a job opportunity in Vienna. I've lived in New York my entire life and am excited about the idea of living abroad - but terrified i won't be able to find work!  I don't speak German, but imagine i would begin to learn on arrival.  I hold Irish citizen ship so technically i would be able to work in the EU. 
I'm a professional social worker with management experience also, but also open to the idea of starting something new.
Thanks for any leads or feedback.

getting a job as social worker here might be very difficult for you. especially without speaking german.
social worker jobs here are low-paid, rare and difficult to get (for an native as well).
get a accreditation for your education won't be easy, and i'm not sure that you'll get one at all.

i'm confident you'll find a job if youre really open to start something new

and try to start learning german at home, because vienna is not that kind of international city where everyone speaks or understands english very well ;)

Thank you Caya for your message and helpful advice.

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