So what if I overstay my Tourist Visa in Brazil anyway?

Yes, just ask him to pay for you but you have to have the paid paperworks to present to
the Policia Federal at the airport!


robal :

Yes, just ask him to pay for you but you have to have the paid paperworks to present to
the Policia Federal at the airport!


Have him scan the payment receipt ("comprovante de pagamento") and email it to you.  Print out a copy and have it with you.
If he pays online, he can probably download the comprovante directly into a PDF file and send it.

Don't forget, Brazilians especially Feds like to see originals - not like documents that could have been typed up or reproduced by someone...


You must take the paper they gave you to a Banco do Brasil...there is usually a office in every International Airport in Brazil, pay the Bank your Fine in cash and they will give you a receipt to take back to Federal Police Station..
You get to Brazil at 17:35...!!!
The Bank will Be Closed! THAT'S A PROBLEM FOR YOU
The Federal Police under normal situations take your passport and make you go pay fine, bring reciept back to the police station there in the airport, then they do their paperwork and give you a receipt of the things you sign.
They may deny entry as you won't be able to go pay fine...they may be nice and take your passport, tell ya to pay fine on the 20th and bring back receipt.. .that's a Very bad time for you to arrive...every one I have ever spoken to about this say never come back when bank is Closed as you could find yourself in very bad shape...the laws just changed and who knows how stringent they will be...i would change flight if possible to arrive WHILE BANK IS OPEN...My wife who is Brazillian said all banks are required  under law to close At 15:00 during daylight savings time which we are in at the moment...even if the banks in airport stay open later and I don't know but don't think so, they sure do not stay open past 5pm...and make sure you have access to cash, as that is only form of payment Banco do Brasil  accepts

And I just looked at come back on Friday the 19th, after the Bank closes and does not reopen until Monday the 22nd!
They will deny you entry, we are almost sure of it.
Do you have someone that you can email the receipt (the document) which they gave you when you left showing your Fine? Email it to them here in Brasil and have them go to Banco do Brasil pay the fine and email Back to you the receipt? That is the Best idea for you...they will not allow you into Brasil owing a not chance it is my suggestion as I don't think you will like the outcom5

If you have any questions about reading or interpretation of the Portuguese documents my wife will be happy to translate, she is Brazillian with great English language skills...

Ljd is right.  With the fine unpaid, and no way to pay it until Monday, the Federal Police have the authority to put you back on the plane you arrived in, and send you back to Europe. 
You still have time to resolve this before you leave, or to change your flight to arrive during banking hours.  Good luck!

Abthree...thank you for comments here, a good group of people as in this case that help a person before they have a Very bad thing happen. I hope that girl does not think we try to harm her with the thought of having to pay big fee to airline to change...but, in this case it would be better for her cause the Brazilian Federal Police won't baby sit with her all weekend, they will as you say just put her back onto a plane and send her outta the country.
I haven't always liked the things I've been told here by members, but most comments made have been accurate And helpful.
This is a great place to receive info from others, first hand info

My wife just reminded me of her discussion with Federal Police Officer as we were leaving last October. He told her it was a good thing I paid my fine before I left because when I returned the Bank may not be open, and when that happens to foreigners they Refuse them entry.
My wife had convo with this officer as we entered the terminal to get our plane to Europe and she asked him to look at government computer and tell her exactly when I was allowed to Return. She is very friendly and can speak and converse with anyone which is a great attribute to have, especially when it comes to dealing with Brazilian officials...

That's very true...i don't know how they would feel about a copy of a paid receipt in this case...i guess it would all depend upon who it is that is looking, as my wife said make sure it is someone who is in a good mood, hahaha sad but very true

You can hurry it all up. It´s up to you:

1. E-mail your boyfriend to pay the fine at any Banco do Brasil.
2. Have the original receipts mailed to you by FEDEX, DHL Express or SEDEX (from the
    "Correios" or post office) in Brazil. You have 8 days left before the flight and it takes 
     5 days for your mail to arrive by those means...

Cost: About R$80 for the mailing from Brazil...


Just FYI
I have used both FED EX and SEDEX (at Brazil Correos)...And SEDEX has always been on time and less expensive...I have had issues with FEDEX taking 2 weeks to get to the person in the U.S.
I don't know why but that has been how FEDEX has been the 2 times I used them versus the 5 times using SEDEX

FEDEX? Hmnnn... That´s really strange. That speed is like a regular mail...

I promise...i used FedEx twice, the last time was December arrived in Boston on January 3rd...and it was like that the first time...but SEDEX has always taken 8 days like they promise...and the cost is FedEx is $R 229 versus SEDEX is $R120

Here's the tracking number for FedEx
8683 1603 6990
Just so you can see for your own eyes and I paid for Express Next Day service

I guess not two weeks, but damn sure a week and a half, it says the 22nd, but I sent it on the 21st and it wasn't registered into their system till 22nd..anyhow, they do not give what you pay for

Thanks Lj. You´re very specific. We really don´t know how the different companies perform in Europe - in particular Amsterdam. So it´s up to her boyfriend to inform what´s the fastest and see if the time frame suits her situation. The way it goes to be sure,
looks like she has to change her flight to arrive on a weekday with preference in the morning.

Noelstr8 posted that she just sent a letter to her sister in the US last Dec 19 and it should take 6 days or less... I don´t know if she used one of the same that I indicated here which is the same I told her. … 87#3992633


On Monday, sent a package of documents to the US that must be there next Tuesday.  Sedex could not make that date, for any price; DHL will deliver them today.
Sedex may be very good where it goes, but it's very destination-specific:  its fastest service is not available to every postal code, even if it serves some postal codes in the same country.
ETA  I wouldn't judge any international courier service by their performance over Christmas week.

Yup...i don't know if she has tried any of the advice given to her, and not just by me or you but many others...but don't think so, I think she thinks we don't offer sound advice and somehow wish her financial harm by having said to change inbound flights...
The best thing is as you told her to do is have boyfriend pay the fine here and email her back or FedEx the receipt...She is not going to like what happens to her if she arrives here on Friday at 5:30 and she has unpaid fine...but, it is her life, I hope she likes airplanes...

I just have not had good service with FEDEX the three times I've used them(twice outbound and once incoming from Miami)...i have found SEDEX to be reliable...i will try dhl if I'm in Salvador or Rio, I'm going out to Correlos this afternoon to use SEDEX...but it was Not just the holiday when it took two weeks, all Three times...anyhow, I truly only give first hand info and my experiences...and my Brother in Law here works for FedEx and I have an account with them is why I've used 3 times, but never again

And your probably correct about where you send from and where it is going...some services are great in one city and lousy in another...

Packages from my mother in California usually take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to arrive.

I ordered Xmas gifts on eBay back in early November. Those vendors told me Dec 15-Jan 24th for expected delivery windows. I'm still waiting.

Wow...i bought a phone on eBay last year had it shipped via FedEx and it took a month...i will count my blessings hahaha

How much did you pay on taxes? 5 years ago I tried to have her send me a Samsung tablet I bought refurbished from Walmart online for $249US. I was told I had to pay over R$1400 in taxes and fees to have it released to me. I had my airline flight attendant friend bring it to me on her next visit. Only cost me the R$20 to get to her hotel and back.

I paid the equivalent of $400 (about 1250 real) for the taxs...they made me give exactly what I paid for the phone for taxs...

Lucky you. They wanted me to pay almost 3 times what I paid for my tablet. is supposed to be the exact (which is still expensive) but the exact amount of tax as the price paid for the item...ive bought 2 different items and paid taxs equal to the purchase price both times...i bet there was someone in your case trying to make some money, a Brazilian tax collector or combo of tax collector and person at FedEx or whoever it was bringing in the shipment

I was told by someone in the customs division and the website that it's supposed to be 40% of what was paid if the declared value is over $50US, but I think that's a lie. Another time my mother sent me some red and black licorice and a small box of kool-aid packets. Total value was like $20 but they charged me R$250 to get it at the post office. It had very important papers in it, so I had no choice but to allow myself to be robbed.

Yeah...its very difficult here sometimes...i will look for the government website that spells out the taxs for things. This is where I said it is supposed to be Equal to the dollar amount spent on the item. It does have a section in it that I remember that allows for a 50 dollar exemption upon foods and spices from home country as well.
I know that is the law, but now I need to find it for you...i hate to give bad or 4th hand info...but I had researched it for a couple days prior to purchase of items on eBay just so I wouldn't be surprised...and I wasn' I said, in both instances the government charged me to the penny the dollar amount I spent on product. And I have never paid anything except shipping costs for my monthly mail to be sent to me here As Documents are Not Taxable

Yeah, we only pay postage for documents as well. I've only been charged those two times because I've limited my requests to under $50 a pop.

My name is Irene and I am a spanish girl currently doing an exchange year in Brasil. My problem is that my student visa expires march the 8th and I can't renew it from one month before like I was supposed to. I would like to know if the 100rs fine per day applies from the day your visa expires (march the 8th) or one month before (february 8th). I need to know too if I can renew it and get the stamp before I pay the fine.
Thank you.

Yes, you should be able to renew within days.  I renewed my tourist visa the same day I went to the PF in São Paulo. The fine starts accruing from the day your visa expires.

To be exact, if you did not renew your student visa ON or BEFORE March 8, 2018 the
R$100 per day fine will start March 9, 2018.

If I were you, I´d go to the Policia Federal 7 days before the expiration date which would be March 1 to renew the student visa. Bring with you a proof that you´re still a student in Brazil or an acceptance letter if it´s a new school you´re going to...


Thank you so much for the quick answer. So you think it also applies to student visa? Because in theory it has to be renewed 30 days prior to the day of expiration

How come you did not renew your student visa one month before? Is it because of the new law?

The procedure that Mike mentioned should also apply to student visa.


Because I had a job in another place and could not get back that early. I hope it also applies. As soon as I know I will inform so people in the same situation know what to do.
Thanks again

You can renew at any PF office that accepts visa applications.  You don't have to do it in the city listed in your paperwork.

Now, if already expired tourist visa and the PF deny the extension, what happens then?

They won't. Like I said "over there" they just want your money.

Get the documents I told you about and get them apostilled. Have your fiancee make sure all his documents are together and less than 90 days old. Start looking now for a "tradutor juramentada" near you. You don't want to have to wait for the mail service here if you don't have to.

Make copies of each and every page of your passport. ALL of them. Even blanks. Even inside covers.

Once that's all done, like I said, head over to the neighborhood cartorio and get the ball rolling. First, have the clerks up fronts put their nice little stickers on everything. I spent almost R$250 at this step. You may pay less or more.

Once every piece of paper in both of your hands has a "celo" on it, go to the back where the weddings desk is and get that ball rolling. You'll need both of you and two witnesses not related to either of  you.

Something like 2 weeks later, all (at least) 4 of you return and you get married. Then you can start the ball rolling with the PF, as per the links I already sent and that are in this thread. The boletos/GRUs I mentioned previously are linked here a few times.

There's also a thread named "Getting Married in Brazil" here that should help you quite a bit.

Hello, after all I was able to fix the problem a few days ago. Turns out there is no fee for renewing your visa later than the 30 days that you're supposed to. The 100Rs/day fee starts the day after your visa expires.
Thanks everybody,

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