So what if I overstay my Tourist Visa in Brazil anyway?

Hi James,

Thank you soo much for the clarification it really means a lot, so I guess if me and my girlfriend got married here I could always apply for a permanent visa, as the overstay wouldn't have any implications on that.

If i decided to come back after 270 days would I still be eligible for just the initial 90 day stay, or is it simply they won't let me in prior to 1 year?

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You would have no problem re-entering after 270 days, provided the overstay fine has been paid. You would only be entitled to a 90 day stay however.

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Hi James,

I origally started this thread! I left Brasil after 2 year , with an over stay of 512 days. I was given a fine and sent on my way. The  fine was paid in January by a friend back in Brasil and I have a flight back to Rio on 14th April 2016 , 6 months and 2 weeks after I left . My friend sent the receipt for  payment in the post which was lost .
the police must  be able to see that the fine has been paid on there system! right??
i have a British passport so I've paid my fine and therefore the over stayed days are not counted towards future entitlement
. I should get a new 90 days visa... does that sound right??

Thank you very much, it is a lot clearer now.

Is there a reason they wouldn't have mentioned that at the airport? Because the man just said if you try to enter within one year without a visa you will be denied.

I guess I will know anyway since by the time I will have to apply for a visa for Brazil within Australia, so they will either grant it or not.

With the overstay fine I was only given the option to pay upon return, will that be okay?

Thank you for all your help.


I also overstayed and had my friend pay it at Banco do Brasil in Rio. She got the receipt copied at the notary and made two certified copies and sent one to me in the States. 

When I came back to Rio  in December the multa showed up and I got red flagged.  I presented the receipt and they entered it paid and let me in.  On the way out 10 days later the data had still not been entered in their system and they brought me to their office. I had to show the receipt to get out .

I went back to Rio last week and all was clear.  I went right through customs in about 25 seconds.

They probably have you as paid in the system but I would be prepared to either have a copy or have cash to pay the multa again if its not in their system. 

Good luck!!

Hi Tracy,

Hopefully the Federal Police will be able to trace the payment of the fine through their computer system, but I can't guarantee that. Did your friend by any chance make a copy of the GRU? If so, I'd suggest scanning it and sending you a copy as an e-mail attachment.

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Hi Benjamin,

You certainly can pay the overstay fine on return to Brazil, but if your flight will be arriving outside of normal banking ours then be prepared to be held at the airport until the bank does open. The Federal Police issue a GRU (Guia de Receita da União) which is an invoice for the fine which has a bar code. It can ONLY be paid at a bank and the Federal Police will not accept your cash.

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I am staying in Brazil and I will have to overstay my tourist visa bij 35 days due to unchangeable circumstances. I will obviously pay the fine when leaving the country. After this I will be traveling through South America for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks I will fly from Bolivia to Sao Paulo to pick up my luggage. My incoming flight is on July 19th and my outgoing flight to europe is july 21st. However, I was wondering if I can enter brazil for 2 days after overstaying for 35 days and only having left the country for 6 weeks. I already have my flight to europe booked.
I assume leaving the country for a weekend and re-entering makes no difference due to computer systems?

If I can't enter the country would it be an option to stay at the airport for two days and have someone else bring my luggage to the airport?

Or would I allowed to only have a layover in sao paulo without entering the country?


hello i would like to know if i can have trouble if i overstay in brazil for a second time?

Hi James,

I am from the UK and have been in Brazil on a 6 month tourist visa due to expire on 5th July. I am also in the process of applying for a work visa, which should have been sorted a while ago, but due to many mistakes along the way does not look like it will be ready before 5th of July now. I am also in the process of marrying my girlfriend here, just awaiting a few final documents to be legalised in London, but again looks like they won't arrive til after the 5th. Is it possible to stay in the country without jeapordising my marriage or visa being approved and just pay whatever fine I incur when they switch my status? Or would it possible to approach the policia federal and tell them my situation and that due to delays things haven't happened as planned?



Hi guys,

Well I came back to ask some questions, only to find out that James, the most amazing helpful person on this forum has passed away. This is why he has not replied to your questions.

More information can be found here: … 36&p=5

left brazil with a overstay fine outstanding, expected to be able to pay it on exit, but on the day i couldnt,,, !! So anyway want to return. On either a student visa or a retirement visa, im over 50, if i replace my passport will the outstanding fine be an issue in applying for either of these.

Hi! I am from a Schengen zone country and extended my 90 day visa-on-arrival at the Federal Police station in Annapolis, Goiás, for a further 90 days this last August (2016). I can now legally stay in Brazil until December 1st 2016, having entered on 3rd June 2016. I know of others from the Schengen area who have extended also so maybe it wasn't allowed before but in this part of Brazil it seems to be now. I just filled out a form, went to the bank, paid some money, got my paper stamped and took it back to the Federal Police and they wrote in my passport that I have an extra 90 days. So people on a Schengen zone passport can try extending their visa too.... It worked no problem for me.

Hope that helps.

Hi James,

This is of interest to me as well. I was in Brazil in 2013-2014 with my Brazilian husband. I applied for a tourist visa was given a multiple entry visa valid for 5 years. It was initially granted for 90 days so (I extended it for another 90 days. We werent able to apply for my PR status  because we didnt have the correct documents because we learned from the Federal Police that the Brazilian consulate in Canada incorrectly advised us. This apparently is frequently the case with that consulate. I overstayed my visa by about 5 months.

At the airport on the way back to Canada, I was expecting to have to pay the fine for overstaying the VISA but was not asked to pay anything and the overstayed VISA was not mentioned. I was surprised but didnt make a fuss about it. We left Brazil and are now heading back for a 4 week vacation in December. I am under the impression that because my visa was a multiple entry VISA for 5 years, I dont need to reapply for another VISA. Is that correct?  Also, is it likely that I will be expected /asked to pay the $4XX Reis fine for overstaying in 2013-14, when I land in Brazil this year?

Thanks for your help!


Chances are if there was no mention of overstay when you left , then they never caught it. If you visa has not expired then it should be good. Why not get your paperwork together and apply for permanency when you return?

Hi Jennifer! You mentioned that you got a 90-day extension after your initial 90-day period had expired. Do you mind telling what nationality you are? I am from the Netherlands, but I can't seem to find concluding information as to whether it's possible to extend after initial 90-days or not...I know that citizens from the UK, Ireland and some others may extend, and that officially - according to my government - others may not, that's why I asked your nationality :-)

Just for the record someone has kindly pointed out that I was wrong and the UK doesn't count t as Schengen zone so what I said about being fro  Schengen zone and being able to extend my visa doesn't count. Major apologies for that.
Best wishes

Hi James,

I've been here in Brazil since the 12th of June, 2012. I'm thinking of going home to the US to visit my family for Christmas. My Brazilian fiancé and I had originally wanted to travel together to visit my family, and get married while we were there and then get my permanent stay visa for Brazil from the Brazilian Consulate in LA. However, we've given up on this after 4 attempts because it's become too expensive and it doesn't look like the US Consulate in São Paulo will grant her a tourist visa any time soon. No, we didn't mention anything about our desire to get married during the visa interviews.

She went to both cartorios here where we live to ask about the process involved with us getting married, mentioning the fact that my visa expired quite some time ago. They told her that I/we would have to go to the Federal Police and go through a process that can take up to 18 months and cost as much as R$4000 to "regularize my visa" and obtain some sort of a permit to remain in the country, I'm presuming a permanent visa. They said that after I have that visa, we can get married. They told us, and I confirmed with the County Clerk back in the US, that it is much quicker and cheaper for us to go to the US with her on a tourist visa and get married there. However, the Consulate doesn't seem to like to grant tourist visas to dark-skinned people that aren't wealthy, even restaurant owners.

My question is twofold:
You mentioned that it is actually the law here that we can get married with minimum hassle. Since my visa expired about 4 years ago (Dec 18th, 2012 to be exact) does this apply to me? So, should I/we look for a different cartorio that will perform the wedding ceremony without the rigamoral mentioned by the other cartorio?

If I do decide to go visit my family for the holiday, how long will I have to stay away/wait before the Consulate in LA will grant me another tourist visa, even a short one? We can go to the cartorio here the day after I arrive to get married and then we can go to the Federal Police and convert my visa to a permanent residence one. She has been looking up information of government websites and has informed me that it seems that the law has changed and now one only has to wait 90 days before they can apply for and be issued a new 90 day tourist visa. Problem is, I don't want to go back to the US and find out that I will actually have to wait 18 days before applying.

And what about amnesty programs? Are there any in the works that you or anyone else on this thread are aware of?

Hi William James,

I would love to gain some of your knowledge regarding my situation. I have overstayed my tourist visa here in Brazil of 90 days (Schengen) with almost one year and want to continue traveling.

Will the Big Ugly stamp in my passport cause me problems entering any other South American country?

I need to attend a wedding in USA in October, will my overstay here  be recorded in any computer system that will risk me entering the country?

If I go back home to Sweden and get a new passport, will my slate have been wiped clean or am I forever risking NOT getting the dream job in another country?

Thank you in advance!


Getting the US visa will be difficult because you have to prove you will leave after the visa expires. Doing so is next to impossible.

I agree with Mike. You should never overstay your visa in any country.


Yeah, I should have mentioned that whatever is put into your passport saying that you overstayed here will not look good when attempting to get your US tourist visa.  My fiance has been turned down 4 times. She has strong family ties here. She owns land. We opened a business to make it look even better, and still she was turned down.

Hi Mike,

I understand, but would not a return ticket be proof enough for me leaving the country (USA)?


A return ticket could indicate you leaving but does not mean you will.  The only thing you can do is try for the visa and hope you get it.

Good Luck


Thanks Jim,

As a Swede, I do not need to apply for a visa, I do have a ESTA that I issued prior this trip, which is valid for a 2 year period.

I guess the best thing to to is to contact the Swedish Embassy in The States.


You may be ok then. Checking with embassy may be a good thing.


I know the embassy and consulates here tell those looking for visas to not buy tickets until and unless their visas are approved.

Hi Mike,

Of course I will not buy a ticket before consulting with the embassy if it is even an option.


No problem. Good luck.

When I got my tourist visa to come to Brazil I had to have my ticket already bought. It might be different from country to country. For Brazil, a ticket was required for visa approval.


If you go to the USA, with a new passport I don't think you will have a problem....I don't highly doubt it will show up on the USA authorities computer system.
As for the stamp in your current passport, a US cumstom's official may query it, if they see it.....but as a Swedish  national I think you are really low down on the list of suspicious migrants to the USA.

My fiance's passport is brand new. She was rejected five times.

He does not need a pre applied visa ....he is Swedish, enter on arrival to the USA.

Hi James,

Yes, I had that already (a return ticket from BR to SWE).

But the issue today is leaving Brasil to go in to the States, and it looks like they require the same.
I have put a friend of mine on on the task of contacting the Swedish embassy over there (since she lives there already).

My wife back in 2008. I left her with my parents in Brazil for. About 8 months. .  She was fined in 800 reais  when she was leaving  back to USA and. She could entered in Brazil for 2 years  ... but that didn't affect her to gets her visa renew

you will need to have an outbound ticket in order to enter theUSA.


Outbound tickets are valid proof that you will depart the country at the end of your stay for some countries but not for others? The embassies here tell you to not buy either ticket until you have your visa in hand because the visa will most likely be denied and tickets are expensive and usually non-refundable.

Mysterychik21 :

I have a question i ovetstayed my doniniican visa and i would like to get a student visa to spain i lost my old passport that had a stamp what can i do because i am worried

This group/forum is about Brazil. Most of us won't know anything about the Dominican Republic or Spain. I would recommend looking up those groups.

Are you in Brazil?  Anything to do with dominican Republic or Spain will have to be dealt with by them.


Yes....Jail, prison and certain death

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