So what if I overstay my Tourist Visa in Brazil anyway?

How would I go about declaring the money if I'm going to travelling with 10,000 reais in cash? I heard for amounts at and over 10,000 you need to declare it? I'm travelling to Brazil on Tuesday. Many thanks for the help.

Tom1080 :

How would I go about declaring the money if I'm going to travelling with 10,000 reais in cash? I heard for amounts at and over 10,000 you need to declare it? I'm travelling to Brazil on Tuesday. Many thanks for the help.

You need to declare cash and checks (travelers or checks written to your name) above 10,000 reais.
You can print a form to declare that (e-DBV) by internet access.


Texanbrazil :

Majority of airports will take a credit card. Would not use debit card. (Not sure what you mean as to "bank card") Also would advice CC company of the charge before you go. Would hate to see the CC refuse and/or cannot contact you due to being unable to receive text or call.

Just to clarify, I will have no problem making a direct payment with my credit card and not need to take out money in the airport?

Actually was stating it is better to pay with CC ( you just state "my card", what type of card?)
Debit can be debited but it take awhile to clear the bank.

Hey people,

please help me, because I am getting too much different information and I don't know what is right and wrong anymore.

I am citizen of Germany and entered Brazil in 07/07/2019 by plane without a Visa (as a tourist) and just got the stamp into my passport.

I know, that I can stay for 90 days without a problem, which would be 05/10/2019. And I know I can be in Brazil a total of 180 during one year since my first entrance in total.
I would like to extend my stay in Brazil and stay in the country for another 41 days, right after 05/10/2019, but I am not sure, if that is even possible, since I read on the page of the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin, that, people from the Schengen area have to leave Brazil definitively after 90 days.

Generally it seems like there are two options to extend the stay:
1) On the website of the embassy, on many pages on the internet and in this thread it says you can extend your tourist Visa at the Policia Federal. But on the website of the Brazilian embassy it says, that this possibility only exists  for citizens of Coratia, Portugal, Poland, Ireland and United Kingdom. Also, I don't have a visa, since I entered the country as a Schengen citizen. So is it still possible?

2) Many people told me, I could just leave the country (go to ARG for example) within the first 90 days and then reenter Brazil. When I reenter Brazil a new 90 days span starts, so everything is fine as long as I don't stay more than 90 days at a time and 180 days within a year. Is that really possible or just a legend?

Can you please help me clarify this situation. The good thing is, I still have a month until my stay is overdue, but I would like to take care of things asap.

Big thanks to the community here already!

Hi, Fabstar,
When the EU and Brazil made their agreement on visit duration, they agreed on 90 days in each 180 day period.  Brazil's prior agreements with individual EU members were not canceled by this agreement, however, which is why Portugal, the UK, Ireland, Poland and Croatia are on a 180 days in each 365 day calendar.  They had prior agreements that remained in effect.  You'll notice that it comes to the same number of days in a year, but EU citizens from countries without their own agreements technically can't extend their initial trips.
There's a lot of talk about enforcement being laxer at the land ports of entry than it is in the airports.  Last year, there was a lot of confusion among the Federal Police with the new Law of Migration going into effect; I wouldn't count on that being the case anymore.  It's possible, if you go out and come back in, that they may make a mistake and give you another 90 days.  It's also possible that they'll just give you the time remaining on your first 90 days.  Rather than going to all that trouble, you might just want to go to the Federal Police office next month and ask them if an extension is possible.

I agree with abthree. It is best to go to the PF office and ask. (do not wait until last minute.)
I know the PF has stepped up along the AR and BR border here since the waiver of US, CA and japan with into effect and leaving into AR and coming back via land does not extend any days.

Hi abthree and Texanbrazil,

first of all. Thank you very much for getting back to me and answering so helpfully. Sorry for not having gotten back to you yet.

I have already been to the Federal Police in Rio before I wrote you guys and yes, they confirmed, that it is not possible to extend the visa for a German, neither by application at the PF, nor by leaving the country and coming straight back.

I will no leave Brasil within my 90 days, go to Colombia and just come back for my flight back to Europe, which will still be withing that 90 days.

One possibility to stay longer and not get the fine is possible though, but it's illegal and I don't recommend doing this! When you are at Foz do Iguaçu, for example, the boarder control is very.... let's say lax. When you go from Brazil to Argentina and back, you basically need 4 stamps: 1 leaving Brazil, one entering Argentina, one leaving Argentina, one entering Brazil. In reality the buses that go to Paraguay or Argentina only stop if you vehemently urge the busdriver to stop at both sides of the border (in many cases they still don't). So it is easily possible to cross the boarder to Argentina, get an exit stamp from Brazil, get an entrance to Argentina and when you go back to Brazil you prevent getting one (you just take a cab or something). In this situation you would be officially in Argentina, but in reality in Brazil. Before leaving Brazil for good, you just have to go back to Argentina once more without getting stamped, and than go back to Brazil receiving the entry stamp. After all, it will look like you have been in Argentina in the meanwhile, while you could have spend the time illegally (don't do it!) in Brazil.

Best regards,

Since the visa waivers, Foz border has added additional agents and "random check points" around the border and main ave with customs riding along. Additionally there is an agent near the check in at the airport training the attendants as to what to look for in the passports.
If there are issues you go to the PF office and most likely miss your flight.

I know 2 more methods to solve Fabstar´s problem but it´s also illegal so best to keep quiet.

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