How can i obtain work permit in Brunei

Dear Friends,

I am a Graduate from Nigeria, I want to work and live in Brunei. How can i get a Visa to come so that i will get a job when i am there. What is life about in Brunei?.

Please i need advice and suggestions. Also are foreigners allowed to do business in Brunei?.

Please i need answers from people living in Brunei.

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Hope that you'll soon be advised.;)

Do not hesitate to take a look at the different threads of the forum, it might help.


i want jo in brunei marketing ,,job

How can I obtain work permit and get job in Brunei?

I want to job in BRUNI any (ELECTRICAL job)

Hi all Jon-seekers,

Please post your adverts in the Jobs in Brunei section, this might be helpful.

Thank you,


Best thing for all of those looking for visa and work in Brunei would be to contact an embassy or consulate to find out.

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