Moving to jakarta

Hello everyone. We are moving to jakarta and plan to stay for two to four years. Our kids will be studying at north jakarta international school while my husband is going to work in the west. Would anyone help where we can lease a 3-4 bedroom house?

Thank you

Hi Bob0161 and welcome to the forum!

Maybe you could try posting an advert in the Jakarta housing section.
It might help.


Hello Armand.thank you for the suggestion/info


Google, "rumah disewa "
NEVER pay for anything in dollars. That's for foolish people who like to pay way too much for everything.

I'll remember that. Thanks mas fred:)

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Please send me your email id.I need a house near Simpurg area.

Cozy70, your email addtess?

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Hello, I'm not sure which area you're looking to move to but here's a link for West. Goodluck! … rta-barat/

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