Looking for Friends for my Filipino maid

Hello everyone,

We just moved to Bangkok (Ekamai) from Hong Kong with our Filipino maid/nanny and would like to find her female compatriots who can introduce her to the city.

My helper is a social and cheerful lady so I'm sure she'll manage to find friends on her own but given that there is no big Filipino community here like the one in HK, I thought I would see what I can do from my side to help her cultivate her network.

If you, your helper or anyone you know are from the Philippines, please let us know.

Any information about Roman Catholic Churches, Filipino associations or communities would also be appreciated.

It would be wonderful if she can find some nice girlfriends to go to Church with and hang out with on Sundays.

Many thanks in advance,


You might give the follow link on this site a check.

https://www.expat.com/en/nationalities/ … d/bangkok/

Hello nice to meet you,,, I like to make a friends with your filipino maids,,but sad to say im living here in australia,,,

there is a church close to ekamai area,
this church named Life Point and located in RAMA4,there are many American,Thai,Chinese,Japanese  in this church.
U can go there and have a look.

Hello Straydog,
Thanks for the link! (and sorry for my belated reply. I didn't have wifi since last Friday)
I'll show it to my helper.

Hi Lady jaja
Yup, you're a bit too far unfortunately ;)
Many thanks all the same.

Dear Ginohu,

Many thanks fort his info and sorry for my belated reply.
We will definitely check out the church next Sunday.

Thanks again,



hi, if you're living in ekkamai, there is a catholic church in Ploenchit, it's few bts station away from ekkamai. the church is in Soi Ruamrudee. as i remember about the sunday mass schedule is at 11 am and 5 pm. another church is in Srinakarin (Krungtep Krita) the sunday mass is held in Tagalog so most mass attendees there are Filipinos. this this can help.

Quite a few Filipinas working at Vejthani Hospital. If you go there for a coffee during the week and go to the international desk there are always 4 or 5 of them sitting there. The hospital has lots and lots of Filipinas working there.

Hi Jerome,
Mass in Tagalog? Excellent!
I will definitely let her know about it.
Many thanks!

Hello Scott,
How interesting.
I never thought of going to a hospital to meet Filipinas.
That's a great idea.
I really appreciate it, thanks!

Dear Jerome,

My helper would like to attend the mass in Tagalog at Srinakarin (Krungtep Krita) this Sunday.
Would you know someone who are going this weekend?
Apparently she tried to go once but couldn't find the Church.
It would be great if someone could go with her together.

Many thanks in advance!

Have a good weekend.

this is the link of the blogsite of the church with its map misangtagalogsabangkok.blogspot.com/p/contact-us.html , im not sure if i know someone from ekkamai area that attends mass there. anyway, i will ask some friends if there's someone who can bring her there. another thing is i think she can take a bus going straight to that place. bus no. 119, just say to the bus conductor "krung thep kritha"  let you know if i find someone to take her :)

Thanks so much forthe info, Jerome!
Have a great week.

Hi  I have filipino friend in thailand


I just want to commend your kindness to your helper you have a big heart to treating your maid like a member of your family especially you're thinking about her happiness also you're such a blessing to your maid dear.

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