Driving License

Dear Members,

Please clarify the point.

I hold Car Driving License in India, and do we need to have some thing done for the driving license in Saudi Arabai (Riyadh).

Please help me with information.


Very simple you will be required to take a test here after you receive your Iqama. That may involve some lessons. If you continue to drive on your India licence and International Driving Permit beyond 3 months of having an Iqama I understand  and are caught you would effectively be driving without a licence.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your reply. After IQAMA, we need to obtain the same, any fee to get the license.

Can you help with some information about the transportation in Shaqra city.

How big is the city and any public transporation or metro train from one place to other place.

In addition, super markets for shopping ?

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