Moving to Sierra Leone

Dear All
I would be interested to hear from any expats who live or travel regularly to Sierra Leone. My husband just accepted a new job there, and we are moving there in May. We will be based in Makeni, about 150 kms from Freetown. I am vegetarian, so my main question is : are there a decent selection of Fresh vegtables   herbs, and nuts there? Are there any Asian or other international restaurants in Freetown? Are there any western expat hair salons or beauty / massage centres in Freetown?  Are there any english bookshops, and can one find DVDs? If these things arent avaialable in Freetown, are they in Accra? And finally, I see on the internet that there are some beautiful and natural beaches; what are some of the best beaches , and is there suitable accomodations at the beach?  I thank you all for any advice or recommendations.  Regards, Mare

You will be able to find all these things and more in Sierra Leone but you would need to speak to the right people on how to access them. Some of the best beaches are No. 2 river and Sussex, some resorts are Eden Park and Francos

Much thanks for your reply Do you live in Freetown now?

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