LG optimus lte2 ><" help me

Hi every one

I want to get this phone ><  does one help me here?
where can I find in Riyadh? looked at Carrefour and Greer, but didnt find itب_بwho can  requested from ebuy  site!?

Non-refurbished our postak Box

Did you check Batha?
I visited it a couple of days ago just for window shopping and there were lots of mobile shops there.
But they were mostly dealing with Nokia and that too some very old handsets (which have been discontinued by Nokia) which they import from Dubai in bulk.
But you have to visit many shops to get an idea of price because they vary a lot. One shop I went into was selling Nokia 6300 for 260 without warranty and in the very next shop it was being sold for 210 with 3 years warranty (local).
I also asked about Nokia Lumia 820 and it was being sold at 1550 which is same price at which it is available in Jarrir which is a better option so I guess they will definitely lower the price had I talked a little more.
But there are many shops and plazas there that deal in LG too (as I saw a few of them there)

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