I want to learn Vietnamese!

Hey guys, I just moved to Saigon last month. And I think I should start learning Vietnamese. So can anybody suggest a good school? Thanks.

u can learn it in university of social science anh humanities in Dinh Tien Hoang street, Dist1, it has evening classes.
if u need some help plse contact me, im teaching vietnamese for free to gain more experience.

if you like i can teach you some simple words communicate free


I can help you practice conversation and vocabulary 1 or 2 times/ week, just want to make friends, no fee. I have experience in teaching vietnamese for foreigner.


I can teach you if you need :))

Learning from locals is more effective and practical. Once you are capable of handling daily conversations, then you could take a course to learn more to read and write well in complicated contexts

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I'm into my second week at the faculty of Vietnamese studies at the university of social sciences, vns.edu.vn, and I wish I'd started months ago. You can learn a few phrases informally, but nothing beats high quality structured study. My pronunciation has improved tenfold in the last week.

Me too keen to learn and am coming in June. would appreciate if you could help me as well

Good school for you is VLS ( Vietnamese LAnguage School). Hope you will enjoy it

It really is very endearing that so many Vietnamese want to teach for free, but if you want to be able to be understood, take a class with a qualified teacher.

There are three main difficulties in learning from amateurs. Firstly, they'll rarely correct you when you're wrong. This is not limited to Vietnam, but south east asia generally. It's not considered polite.

Secondly, they have trouble identifying the exact problem you have with pronunciation. Experienced teachers can help to identify the mouth shape or tongue position you need to properly pronounce words. Trust me, with Vietnamese, pronunciation is everything.

Thirdly, adults don't learn like primary school kids. Our objectives, experiences, and even our learning modalities are quite different. We generally don't need to use pictures and games.

I have personally found that group learning also helps a lot. Their mistakes inform my technique, and vice versa.

If you're serious about learning Vietnamese, get some formal education ASAP, and you'll never regret it.

I am new to Ho Cho Minh City and Vietnam.
I am interested in learning Vietnamese.
I appreciate it if anybody could offer me some help.

Hi All,

i would like to learn Vietnamese
can any body guide me easy and fast way.


Hi man

There a lot of people teach vietnam language and it always for free :)
Don't worry a bout that man

I came to HCMC frequently, will stay for one week or more..wish to learn Vietnam lang. online-ly or voice msg.. any1? :) do pm me!

Yes, the school in Dinh Tien Hoang has many foreigners student. You can join them & can support you if you have any concern :)


Learn the northern accent, foreigners with southern accent sound pretty funny :))

AnnieDuong :

Learn the northern accent, foreigners with southern accent sound pretty funny :))

So Annie, do you speak with a northern or a southern accent?

With a northen accent :P I find the southern accent cute but too hard to understand, plus all the slangs...sometimes it's quicker to speak english lol

Vietnamese accent have 2 typical ones:
Northern accent (most from Hanoi) is clearer in pronunciation, but sometimes causing unusual sounds, dialects ([n] vs [l], [gi] vs [d] , [s] vs[x] ,....), and bitter voice. I call it Voice of Power. :)
Southern accent (mosr from Saigon/HochiminhC) is more ambiguous in pronunciation, and sometimes making homophones of dialects, but it is verry warm, smooth, and evocative. People there speak by truly friendly -hearts. It's so-called Voice of Hospitality. :)

Thus, let your heart choose the way to learn Vietnamese. ^^
Almost vietnamese people are always willing to transfer their culture (especially in Vietnamese language) to everyone in the world. Hence, you can ask them to give the lesson for free. ^^ No need to enter a vietnamese language school...
Good luck to you and welcome to Vietnamese world. :)

Hi Anthony!
u should try to register vietnamese course in university of social sciences and Humanities in Dinh Tien Hoang street. And if u need help as a tutor, u can contact me.

hi! i'm looking for an english teacher. if u are interested, please contact me, then we will discuss about fee, time, schedule. my email is hathao2890[at]gmail.com

to hv as much as local friends to get yr vnese expert :)

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There is free trial lesson at VLS school in Phu My Hung district 7 on 29 May at 10.35 am.
Go n join if you are interested to learn seriously.

hi, welcome u , if u want to study , keep in touch with me . i can share u some information , if u want .

can i teach u raf?

hi jenny , if u want i can teach u . do u have phone or skype .
my skype is : mitu.nguyen
nice to meet u

If Jenny offers to teach Raf, a Pakistani, that means she is also a language Teacher. Then, why is Stella offering to 'teach' Jenny? Beats me. Am learning now the language too.

Go to a language class, forget any of the free offers. They will last about a week, then you will get the, sorry Im busy,sorry I have a wedding party, sorry I go back to my hometown.

colinoscapee I've been trying to tell the people here the same thing for months. It's their avatars that get them going/dreaming.....

Sure does, I had a lady here lined up to learn with and she never showed up, I was paying her to teach me and she still didnt turn up.

Your a good looking woman Budman,lol.

I can highly recommend Saigon Language School in District 3. My 3 teenagers and I have just completed 10 weeks of 2 90 minute lessons a week, our teacher was very friendly and very easy to follow. She set a good pace for us, following their course book, and now we can hold a basic conversation with the taxi driver on our way to class. We will probably sign up for another term later in the year.

middlevietnam, do you mind my asking how much you paid for this course?  I've had a couple courses recommended to me, but I'm not sure what a fair price should be.

Thank you!

Hi Anthony.
If you want learn Vietnamese i can help you . And we can exchange language together.
i'm looking forward to seeing you.

Nice too meet you.

Hi Anthony,
Welcome to Vietnam!
For official Vietnamese language school for foreigners, you can enroll in evening classes at University of Human and Society or some prestigious school like VLS (Vietnamese language school).
After getting well with a standard base, you can practice it at work or with friends to suit your need. :)
And off course, there is no free lunch, so watch out with some tempting invitations if you really want to study the real beauty of Vietnamese language. :D
Vietnamese friends are necessary while staying here, but choose a good ones so that you cant blame all Vietnamese with the very first wrong experience with people, in my opinion
Try your best and hope you enjoy your time in Vietnam!:)

hey Anthony,
Do you still want to study vietnamese. I can help you. I use to teach vietnamese. i had experiment about teaching vietnamse. if you like to study with me. pls contact with me: kimtran0411[at]yahoo.com. thank you

Yeah, many 'teachers' do experiment with students even though they do not know how many alphabets are there in Vietnamese language! :D

kimtran0411 :

hey Anthony,
Do you still want to study vietnamese. I can help you. I use to teach vietnamese. i had experiment about teaching vietnamse. if you like to study with me. pls contact with me: kimtran0411[at]yahoo.com. thank you

Hey Anthony,
i would like to answer your question: how many alphabets are there in Vietnamese language? 24 alphabets

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