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Can you suggest a good Portugal Estate agent - long term rental Thanks Alex.

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Alex, found some sugestions yet?
What area are you looking for ?

Can you suggest a good Portugal Estate agent

in Portugal there is regulation concerning the activity of real estate agent.
Real estates agents / companys are mandatory to have a training on that sector [ and other requirements ] and have to registered with the Portuguese regulatory agency [ http://www.inci.pt/Portugues/Mediacao/L … mento.aspx ].

When contacting a real estate as for mere example this one : from -> http://www.pmcimobiliaria.pt/quem-somos/ with "alvará de mediação imobiliária, AMI-4247 " , thats an assurance you are dealing with oficial and registered real estate agents.

Lots of them in the market, many with a Franchising umbrella.

You will be asked for the same documents and paperworks from most agencys.
Also in Portugal, the long term rental is also regulated.
You will be asked to sign a formal contract [ called NRAU, quick overview in English http://www.linguee.pt/portugues-ingles/ … /nrau.html ], contract that specifies both parties dutys etc. Contract might be terminated sooner, but landlords like to sign contracts for 3 or 5 years at least.

since agencys usually take 1 or 2 month rentals as comission, the landlords usually try to find themselves tenants.

Another solution you can look at, is the room rentals.

anyway sorry is reply if off timed, perhaps you are already in PT and enjoying our light spring.

I am looking to buy a small pice of lot in Faro or Algarve. Anyone could refer me to a property oener?

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