better place for work and low cost of living - TURKEY

So which is the best place to search for work and live during summer period or later??

what is your profession? it depends on what kind of job you are looking for.

I am finishing my master in sustainable development with emphasis in consumer's education. My first degree is in economics.But if I dont find something relative I can do anything descent for a living
during summer period or later ..waitress or receptionist as I know a lot of languages.

what kind of languages do you speak. I would recommend you to send your resume to Hotels since İstanbul is having lots of tourist and are openıng new hotels. are you looking to live in İstanbul?

I speak greek my native language,english, french and fiancee speaks kurdish and  turkish . I am still searching for the right place istanbul or Izmir or somewhere with low cost of living and less unemployment.

doesnt your Fıance knows Istanbul? there are lots of places in İstanbul has low cost of living but conditions might not be best. Again, you can always find jobs at hotels and restaurants since you speak lots of languages

My fiancee is from Iraq and he knows just some Turkish. Let me know if Iraq and Turkey are the same countries . I find your question irritating and ironic as long as it is a free site and there is freedom of speech. But even so ,thank you for spending time wondering and writing for me .

no communication..our common language is greek , he speaks them perfectly as long as he has lived here a lot of years. I didnt find irony in this question but I didnt like your message anyway. Too many personal stuff that dont interest anybody...I think nobody answered my question really.

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