photographer club in al khobar

I came her in saudi arabia to earn money to have new friends new environment and support my family. i like to mingle with my fellow photographer and explore the beauty of saudi arabia by taking a picture

Hello ding alcayde.

Welcome to! :)


Almost with same interest here.  EOS 6D and few gears.

Keep in touch if you are still in eastern region of KSA



I am also a freelance photographer.., also new here in khobar..

aside from that i am also a web graphic designer/ web developer / 3d and video editor etc..hahaha

hope we can be friends and share some of our ideas.. ^_^

wel come u can whatsap me 0509917477

hello Jeszie, are u designing a website also.

Yes Agent X, i am also designing a website.

r you product designer
am lookin for one

yes i am also product designer.. ^_^

can you send me some of your work

HI there,is the club still active.I'm interested to join.

imyprime :

HI there,is the club still active.I'm interested to join.

there is, i think they are divided acording to brand, canon and nikon
you will encounter them in some time
good luck

Hello buddy,

I am actually the Marketing Manager for one of the biggest resorts in Saudi Arabia and we need a freelance photographer to come every now and then to take some shots of our events.

The timing would be as per project basis, currently we are looking forward for an event on Friday between 7 and 12 am

Would you be interested?

If yes please send me a whatsapp or give me a call on XXX


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@TK82 could you please post in the jobs section?

Sure I will do that

Hi my name is ding alcayde Professional photographer assigned in aramco I'm willing to be your freelance photographer you can check my portfolio on this site.

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Hello Guys,

I'm a freelance photographer, I'm looking for organization related to photography.

hope anyone who can invite me on this matter

you can email me at:  ***

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Hello there.. same interests here..
Hope we could chat sometimes..

Hi I'm willing to work with you as a freelance Photographer


I am Aman. I am into Photography too and I am new here. You like to catch up if you are interested.

I want to learn photography... i just bought my DSLR camera. Any one here who can guide where to go for workshop? Or photography club in Al khobar.

Hey there,
Was looki g for a freelance photographer in khober anybody available??

wowww :)
kinda cool soo many people with same interest
i love photography
best of luck newbies to the area
i hope u all have wonderful time here

thank you

i am interested in photography

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