Type of Visa - Help required

Hi all,

Obviously a newbie to forum.

I have an interview in Brussels. I am coming there in a month's time. I have an appointment at VFS in UK in few days for Visa.

Now I need to know under which category in Short term Visa I should apply for. I dont want to mess up my application. Should I apply under Tourism or Business or Other?

If I apply for Business, how come I justify interview is a form of business and also I am actually attending interview for a different company to the one where I work now?

Is there a restriction for Tourist Visa?

Please give a clear advice.

Thanks in advance


http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/polic … vat/vat26/

Here is the guidance used by visa offers in Paris when considering your visa for the UK.

Didnt the company thats interviewing you, tell what kind of visa is to be applied ?

I believe you have to apply for a C visa (short term schengen).

LOL I read that one completely wrong didn't I? Going wrong way!

:) yes.. He wants to visit EU, and applying for a visa [at] UK :)

Hi Sorry for delayed response. Thanks to all those who replied.

Went by what company said. No big dramas. Got my Visa in 2 days.

Good to know.. Welcome to warm & sunny (lol) Brussels :)

Thanks. Got the job as well. Moving to Brussels soon.

Good to know Saravana.. Welcome again..

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